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    Hoover H-Wash 500 with Active Care

    Enjoy clean and fresh laundry with Hoover’s H-Wash 500 range of washing machines. Packed with great tech like Active Care, these models will keep your clothes always looking their best.

    What is Hoover Active Care?

    Hoover’s Active Care technology gives you great results against stubborn stains. Before washing your clothes, it creates the perfect mix of detergent and water. This means your clothes soak in the powerful mixture, letting it break down stains much easier.

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    Benefits of Active Care

    Give your clothes some TLC

    Active Care is not only great at fighting of those stubborn stains, but it’s also really gentle on your clothes. Because it uses a powerful pre-mixture of water and detergent, it doesn’t have to use aggressive drum movements to clean your clothes.

    Clean clothes, less time

    No one likes doing the laundry, so the quicker it takes the better. With a huge 11kg drum, you’ll be able to power through that pile up in no time without having to do multiple washes. Everyone’s a winner.

    Also look out for...

    Eco-Power Inverter Motor

    When you buy a new washing machine, you want it to last. Well Hoover’s range come with a super-efficient Eco-Power Inverter Motor. These special motors eliminate friction thanks to their brushless design, making them efficient and reliable wash after wash.

    Active Balance

    Active Balance tech reduces the vibrations and noise your washing machine produces by optimising the way the drum rotates. Not only does this make your machine quieter, it also improves rinsing results.

    KG Plus Mode

    This clever mode weighs your laundry and adjust the amount of water, energy and time used to wash your load. This means your clothes will get best possible wash without unnecessary waste.


    Like everything now, you can connect your Hoover H-Wash washing machine to your mobile through the accompanying hOn app. This lets you choose wash cycles and easily check your laundry’s progress, plus much more.

    Scan to Care

    Another perk that comes with the connectivity feature is Scan to Care. If you take a picture of the labels on your clothes, the hOn app can collect and store all those washing instructions so that it can suggest the right cycles when it comes to laundry day.


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