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    Hotpoint ActiveCare

    Keep your family looking their best with Hotpoint’s ActiveCare range of laundry appliances. From grass stains to spaghetti sauce, their ActiveCare tech eats up all kinds of marks and blemishes, so your laundry is protected from whatever your family throws at it.


    Hotpoint's ActiveCare technology can keep your clothes beautifully clean no matter what adventures you've been on. At just 20°C*, ActiveCare can get rid of over 100 stains, whether that’s spilt coffee or last night’s lasagne.

    *Obtained on Anti Stain program (tested on Cotton) and ActiveCare option activated. Examples of stains tested: pizza, coffee, pen ink, milk with cacao, bronzer, mud.

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    ActiveMousse gives your clothes that extra bit of TLC. By pre-mixing both the water and detergent before it touches your laundry, it creates a soapy mousse. This means your clothes are soaked in a powerful mixture that’ll be able to remove stains at just 20°C.


    With 10 different drum movements, Hotpoint’s ActiveDrum can help remove a number of common stains. This means, no matter how caked your clothes are, you’ll be able to get them lovely and clean in no time.


    Clean clothes and cleaner bills with Hotpoint’s ActiveLoad tech. By weighing your laundry in the drum, ActiveLoad can make sure that only the right amount of water and energy is used to properly clean your clothes. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Final Care

    The Final Care setting means your clothes will come out of the drum soft and crease free. If you’re not in a hurry just choose this option, and the drum will tumble for up to 6 hours at the end of a wash cycle to soften the creases in your laundry.

    Steam Hygiene

    Refresh your wardrobe with Steam Hygiene. At the end of a wash cycle, powerful steam is released into the drum to kill bacteria and get rid of any allergens hanging on to your laundry. This means your clothes will leave the drum fresh, clean, and ready for the day ahead.

    Quick Wash

    Hotpoint’s Quick Wash cycle is perfect for when you’re short on time. Just pop in a load and select the Quick Wash programme, and your clothes will be nice and clean within 30 minutes. No more hanging around.


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