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    Strive for sustainability with a Miele appliance that’s built to last

    When you think of a sustainable product, there’s probably a few that come to mind. Electric cars, solar panels and metal straws, for example. So, if you’re now looking for other ways to be a bit more environmentally conscious around the home, a Miele appliance is the way to go.

    Miele believe that building appliances that can stand the test of time is the best form of sustainability. And, that’s why they test their products for the equivalent of 20 years’ use* – so you’ll rest easy knowing that you won’t have to buy another one in the near future. And, whether it’s a washing machine, a dishwasher or an oven, they’re a lot more energy efficient too. They’re also designed to be easy to fix, meaning they can be repaired rather than replaced.

    Miele WSG663 TwinDos Wifi Connected 9kg Washing Machine

    Ever felt guilty about doing multiple loads of laundry in a week? You won’t have to with a Miele washing machine. That’s because each one is not only made out of recyclable materials, but they’re also designed to save water, energy and detergent, making them cheaper to run.

    This Miele washing machine will have you blasting through the dirty basket like no tomorrow. Its 9kg drum will give you more room for clothes, with its honeycomb surface stopping fabrics from becoming damaged, meaning they’ll last a lot longer too. Best of all – TwinDos automatic dosing dispenses the perfect amount of detergent at the touch of a button, meaning you’ll save up to 30% detergent and you’ll never waste any. It doesn’t stop there either, since the AddLoad feature lets you pop forgotten items into the cycle, so you won’t have to run a separate wash to get them done. And if that’s not enough to sway you, the motor is built with brushless magnets rather than multiple different parts – quieter, more efficient and longer lasting.

    Miele's washing machines have been awarded the NEW Which? Eco Buy accolade.

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    Miele H2267-1BP 76L Built-in Pyrolytic Single Oven

    If you’re making an effort to be a bit more sustainable in the kitchen, a Miele oven is the way to go. They’re built from recyclable materials and are specially designed to be energy efficient and easy to repair. And, whether you’re grilling chops or adding a gorgeously crispy layer to your homemade lasagne, you’ll get to enjoy restaurant-quality meals with the peace of mind that you haven’t wasted any energy.

    For ‘mmm’ worthy recipes, this Miele oven is the one. Its whopping 76 litre capacity is perfect for cooking more at once, and there’s a special fast warming function that means you can say goodbye to pre-heating. Phew. And, whether you’re preparing a couple of Saturday night steaks or a show-stopping cake, the One Degree Accuracy feature will keep the temperature at a precise level. Faster, tastier, better. It’s also been tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use*, so you know it’s built to last.

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    *For Terms and Conditions on Miele appliances, click here.