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    Bubbly tech that is tough on stains and easy on bills

    Samsung’s ecobubble™ is really clever stuff. Not only does it take fantastic care of your clothes, but it also makes sure laundry days don’t send your energy bills shooting up. But how does this amazing tech work?

    How ecobubble™ works

    Instead of mixing detergent with water in the drum like most washing machines, ecobubble™ mixes detergent, water and air before it’s released into the drum. This creates bubbles that get deep into fabrics straight away to shift stubborn stains without needing higher temperatures.

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    What are the benefits of ecobubble™?

    Those energy bills will be lower

    Because ecobubble™ can work at lower temperatures, it doesn’t need to use as much energy to clean your clothes. That means it costs less to run, saving you pennies each time you use it.

    It’s gentler on your clothes

    Lower temperatures are great news for your clothes too. Cooler water is better for your fabrics and puts less stress on them as they’re tumbling in the drum. And because the detergent and water are already mixed when they enter the drum, they get to work straight away to see off tough marks on your laundry.

    The environment gets a helping hand

    Using ecobubble™ tech means you’ll be helping out the planet too. Lower temperatures and less energy being used means a smaller carbon footprint. Those eco-friendly laundry days will soon be adding up to do their bit.


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