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    Smart connectivity range cookers

    Want complete control in and out of the kitchen? Then you need the latest range cookers with smart connectivity. These smart cookers are filled with fresh tech that lets you connect with them via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - this means you can take control from an app on your phone. So now you can chill in the lounge and preheat the oven without moving a muscle.

    What are the benefits of range cookers with smart connectivity?

    Control remotely

    Whether you’re in the other room or on your way home, you can take control of your range cooker from your phone. All you need is the app and you check on your meal without dipping in and out of the kitchen.

    Monitor and adjust cooking times

    Once everything’s set up to control your range cooker remotely, you can make changes on the fly from your phone. Easily check on the timer you’ve set and add some time if you think it’ll need just a little bit longer.

    Save preferred settings

    If you’ve got certain meals you love making, why not make them even easier to sort out? Through the app, you can save all your preferences, so when you decide to whip up one of your faves, all the correct settings are already there waiting for you.

    Clock/timer synchronicity

    You can make sure the clock/timer on the range cooker is 100% accurate by syncing it with your phone. Now you’ll always have precise timings to make sure the meal is ready when you want it to be.

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    Stoves Richmond Bluetooth range cooker

    The Stoves Richmond Bluetooth range cooker is the ultimate appliance for any aspiring chef. The only manufacturer to offer four ovens as well as having six burners on the hob, you’ll have enough room to prepare a feast. The dual fuel set-up gives you the best of both worlds, while Zeus™ Appliance Control lets you adjust the timer from your phone via Bluetooth – for total control all over the house.

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