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    Smart connected ovens


    With smart-connected tech, you can enjoy fuss-free cooking. From checking on the roast, to changing the temperature – getting dinner on the go has never been easier. Get ready to take the stress out of mealtimes.


    Tick off your to-dos

    Fancy having one less thing to think about at mealtimes? Some smart connected models let you send a recipe from your phone to the oven. It’ll then automatically choose the right programme and temperature, letting you crack on with prepping that veg. Time to say hello to easy, stress-free cooking.

    In-house kitchen assistant

    Imagine having your own cooking assistant. Pretty luxurious, right? With a smart connection, you can link the oven to your Alexa or Google home device and use the voice control feature. So, if you want the temperature changing but are busy with dessert, just tell it what to do and it’ll get to work. Your wish is its command.

    Stay mobile with your mobile

    With smart-connected tech, you don’t need to be in the room to make a start on dinner. Simply use your mobile to preheat the oven and change the temperature or cooking time. You can even get notifications to let you know if a programme has finished. Nifty. And if the oven has a camera, a smart connection can link it to your phone so you can keep an eye on that roast while you’re chilling in the garden.

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    Haier hOn App

    Need help in the kitchen? Look no further than the hOn app. Connect your smartphone to your oven and you’ll have access to a whole range of delicious recipes, as well as handy cooking hints. So, whether you need a step-by-step guide for Yorkshire puds or just some cleaning tips, you’ll find the answer right in the palm of your hand.

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    Also look out for...


    Whether you’re in the garden or chilling in the bath, you can check on your tasty dishes with SmartThings. The clever app connects to the oven and lets you pre-heat it from your phone or tablet. It’ll even let you know when it’s finished cooking. So you can get on with other things, while this tends to your tasty dishes.

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    Home Connect

    Thanks to the nifty Home Connect feature, you’ll have a world of inspiration at your fingertips. That’s because it gives you access to a load of recipes, cooking tips and instructions to help you get creative in the kitchen. And the best bit – you can control it with your voice, or even switch the oven on while you’re on your way home. So, when you get in from work, everything will be ready for you to get dinner on the go. Easy. 

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    Sick of getting up every 5 minutes to check on your roast? There’s no need to with the Zeus app on your smartphone. Once you connect it to your oven, you’ll be able to set timers and reminders, so there’s no risk of burnt veggies or dried-out joints. It’ll let you know exactly when everything’s ready – so go and put your feet back up.


    WiFiConn@ct gives you more control over the cooking. Just download the Miele@home app to a compatible smartphone, and you can use it to change the oven’s settings as your food cooks – it’ll give recipe ideas, create a shopping list and order groceries online too. So, whether you need inspiration, or you forgot to lower the heat while you pop to the shop, you’ll always create delicious, perfectly cooked meals – even when you’re out.

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