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    What is Smart Monitoring?

    From cameras to smoke alarms, there’s loads of smart tech out there to help keep your home safe and sound. If you’re looking to boost your security or just want to give your doorbell a snazzy upgrade, this guide has all the info you need to pick out the right piece of monitoring tech for your home.

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    What smart monitoring tech is out there?

    Smart security tech

    From the Ring doorbell to the Hive smart camera, there’s loads of gadgets out there to help you keep an eye on your home from wherever you are. So, you can check your teens aren’t hosting a party while you’re away, or let the delivery driver know they can pop your parcel by the gate when you’re out.

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    Smart smoke and CO alarms

    These are so much better than your bog-standard alarm, as they connect to other tech to keep you alert. This means that as well as blaring out a siren and sending a notification to your phone, it can also switch your bedroom lights on in the night to make sure you wake up.

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    Smart sensor

    By itself, a smart sensor alerts you of any movement, but it’s also great for using with other pieces of tech around your home. If you have a smart light in your front room, the sensor can tell it to turn on as you walk through the door. This is great when you have your hands full with the food shop, as you won’t have to struggle to find your way to the kitchen.

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    Smart trackers

    Always losing your keys? Attach a smart tracker to your keyring and use Bluetooth to make them chime. So when you’ve checked all the usual places, like down the side of the sofa, you’ll easily be able to find them. And if that wasn’t handy enough, some have a button on the tracker too, which you can press to make your phone ring, meaning you’ll never be running around looking for that either.

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    Google Nest Protect Smart Smoke And CO2 Alarm - Mains Powered

    Google Nest Protect Smart Smoke And CO2 Alarm - Mains Powered

    • Smart alarm monitors smoke and carbon monoxide
    • Instant alerts let you know what's going on at home
    • Silence false alarms from your phone
    • 10 year lifespan for long-term protection
    • Integrated light with motion sensor

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