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    What is a smart watch?

    What is a smart watch?

    If you’re new to the world of smart watches, we’re here to give you the low down. Not only do they tell the time (shock), but they do so much more too. The exact features will depend on the brand and model that you go for, but most will come with clever fitness tech, health trackers and lifestyle benefits. And, once you’ve connected your watch to your smartphone, you’ll even be able to deal with your notifications, contactless payments and playlists all from your wrist. Just to note that some models are only fitness trackers, and these won’t give you all the benefits of a smart watch. Scroll down for a closer look at what smart watches offer…

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    Benefits of a smart watch

    Keeps you in check

    Smart watches are experts at keeping an eye on your blood pressure, heart rate, daily step count and sleeping patterns. And, depending on which model you go for, some will even send you alerts, progress checks and performance reports based on your activity. You’ll be able to view everything from the watch too, meaning you can finally get rid of your clip-on pedometer. Nice.

    Helps you plan ahead

    Want to make some lifestyle improvements but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, because a smart watch will guide you in the right direction. Most models will collect data when you begin, before suggesting advice and new workouts for you to try out. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

    Gets you motivated

    With a smart watch, you’ll always have someone cheering you on from the sidelines. That’s because you’ll be able to set new goals and get rewards when you hit them. You can also share your many accolades with your social feeds and keep in touch with the family. Mum will be so proud.

    Puts everything in one place

    Whether you’re chatting, shopping or bopping, smart watches make everything easy. Since you can control your music, send messages and pay for your groceries with one tap of the wrist, you’ll never have to faff around finding your phone or wallet.

    Features to look out for

    Progress trackers

    Got big dreams of winning the London marathon one day? Slapping a smart watch onto your wrist is the best way to start preparing. Once it’s all up and running, you’ll be able to set goals, adjust them and monitor how far you’ve come. You might even get pinged a motivational message from time to time to cheer you on – go get ‘em!

    Music streaming

    If you’re out walking the dog, the days of pulling out your phone to change the playlist are over. Because most smart watches sync to your phone, you’ll be able to control the likes of Spotify and Apple Music from your wrist. That’s right – you’ll be skipping, repeating and boosting up the volume with just a tap.


    Did you even hike if you can’t prove it? By choosing a smart watch with built-in GPS, you’ll be impressing your followers all the way from the summit. That’s because they’ll be able to track your whereabouts and give you the low down on your distance, time, incline and elevation stats. Show off.

    Contactless pay

    So, you’re at the checkout with your basket full of goods and you realise you’ve left your wallet at home. Disaster. Unless you’ve stored your bank card details in your phone’s digital wallet that is, and synched it with your compatible smart watch. Just a tap of the wrist on the card machine and you’re good to go. Easy peasy.


    Most smart watches can sync up with various apps on your phone. This means that if someone messages you, tags you in a social post or gives you a quick bell, you’ll be able to respond to your notifications from your watch. Ping, ping, ping.

    Built-in voice assistants

    “Hey Siri, how’s the weather looking today?” If you’ve got a burning question, just ask your compatible smart watch’s voice assistant and it’ll answer it for you. You can also give it a shout to skip songs, set alarms and give you reminders at any time of the day.

    Water resistance

    Because some smart watches are completely water resistant, they’re perfect for rainy days. That’s because they’re specially designed to withstand moisture, meaning you’ll be able to use them in the pool, when you’re washing the pots or just jogging in the drizzle (whatever floats your boat).

    Sleep trackers

    If you’re not quite hitting your 8 hours of desired sleep and you’d like to know why, choose a smart watch with a built-in sleep tracker. All you’ll have to do is wear it through the night, and it’ll detect any disturbances, patterns, REM stages and heart rate. From there, you’ll have a better idea at any improvements you can be making for a better night’s rest.

    Battery lives

    What good is a watch that conks out in the early evening? It’s not one that we’re interested in, that’s for sure. The battery life will depend on the model that you pick, so, whether you’re just wanting one to count your steps or something to track you up the mountain, make sure you pick the right one for you.

    Find your smartphone

    By choosing a smart watch with a ‘find my phone’ feature, those panic-stricken moments are about to become a whole lot less…panicky. There’ll be a button on the watch which when pressed, will trigger a noise from your smartphone, making it much easier to find. Crisis averted.

    Brands to look out for


    If you’re wanting something that looks great and boasts the best tech, an Apple watch is the way to go. There are a fair few different models to choose from, and you’ll even be able to pick from a load of different straps to suit your style.

    Apple smart watches


    Samsung have a range of different watch faces and styles for you to choose from. They’ve got some brilliant features and are definitely worthy of your wrist’s top spot.

    Samsung smart watches


    Fossil’s range of smart watches are sure to look great on any wrist. They’ve got classic straps and sleek AMOLED touchscreens that are easy to use.

    Fossil smart watches


    Huawei sell both fitness trackers and smart watches, so you’ve got plenty to choose from. If you’re wanting something that offers more benefits, like music streaming, contactless pay and notifications, their watches are super-stylish and come with sleek AMOLED touchscreens.

    Huawei smart watches

    Michael Kors

    Michael Kors’ smart watches are the perfect combo of clever tech and timeless style. They’ve got loads of designs, colours and straps to choose from too, giving you that classic watch look with extra edge.

    Michael Kors smart watches


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