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    Sony BRAVIA TVs

    Find out everything you need to know about Sony BRAVIA TVs. Our handy guide will take you through all their tech and what makes them so great.

    There’s nothing like enjoying blockbuster entertainment at home – that’s why TVs are getting better all the time, and Sony’s new range is no different. In fact, their latest TVs might just be the smartest around, because they’re the first to come with cognitive intelligence. (Don't worry, we'll get to what that actually means in just a moment.) Get ready to experience picture and sound so real, you can almost feel it.

    What is Sony's cognitive intelligence?

    This clever bit of tech makes everything on the screen look more real than ever before. It splits the display into thousands of little pieces. It then scans these areas for colour, contrast and detail all at the same time – just like our brains do. The result is a picture that looks so clear and bright, you can almost reach out and touch it. It really is amazing.

    The Sony BRAVIA range


    Millions of pixels light up for razor-sharp detail and lifelike colours.

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    Mini LED

    Clever little lights keep colours and fast-moving images sharp – perfect for sporting action.

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    Full Array LED

    Feel closer to reality with wider contrast, extra depth and more detail.

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    Great for gaming. Get the full experience with this 4K Google TV.

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    Features that are perfect for movies

    If you’re a film buff, and almost every night is movie night, then these are the features to look out for. Sony Electronics teams up with Sony Pictures and Sony Music when they design their TVs, so you know that everything you watch and hear is just as good as the director intended. Time to grab the popcorn!

    Acoustic Surface Audio+™

    Acoustic Surface Audio+™ gives you really accurate sound for whatever you’re watching. There are 4 areas on the back panel that vibrate, carrying dialogue and music from the main speaker across the screen to match what’s happening. This means that you’ll always hear things like speech directly from the character’s mouth for a more immersive experience.


    As well as access to all the usual apps, the latest Sony TVs include BRAVIA CORE – their very own streaming service that lets you enjoy the highest streaming quality around. That’s because it combines Pure Stream™ tech with IMAX Enhanced blockbusters to give you the best experience – perfect for home cinema fans.

    Features perfect for sports

    Get the big-match experience with Sony BRAVIA® XR. With stunningly lifelike visuals and crisp sound travelling all around you, it’ll feel like you’re right there in the stands.

    XR Motion Clarity™

    BRAVIA XR™ TVs offer uninterrupted performance, with incredible clarity that brings you closer to every iconic sporting moment. XR Motion Clarity™ keeps even the fastest scenes blur-free and bright, so from football to Formula One, you can see every goal, lap, try and triumph in perfect detail.

    X-Wide Angle

    X-Wide Angle featured on the X95K and Z9K, and all BRAVIA XR™ OLED models.  A great wide viewing angle preserves that supreme picture quality, from wherever you are viewing it in the room. Ideal for watching the game with friends.

    Perfect for PlayStation 5

    Sony Electronics has teamed up with Sony Playstation to give you exclusive gaming features that will give you a competitive advantage.

    When gaming on a PS5™ with a BRAVIA XR TV, you’ll notice even more detail in high-contrast scenes. That’s because clever Auto HDR Tone Mapping recognises individual BRAVIA XR TV models and picks the best possible HDR setting for your TV. Now you’ll be able to see what your opponents are up to, even when they think they’re hidden in the shadows.

    Features perfect for everyday watching

    Even when you're not watching sports or the latest blockbuster, there are still plenty of features that will come in handy. Here’s just a few of them to help you get the best TV experience.

    Google TV

    Easily access all your favourite content and services hands-free. See 700,000+ movies and TV episodes, all in one place. Google TV brings your favourite content from across your apps and subscriptions and organises them just for you.

    Google Assistant

    Google Assistant makes your at-home entertainment smoother and more enjoyable. By using voice commands, you can search for your favourite films, play music, discover brand-new content, check what’s on later, and even change settings. So, you can easily access a whole host of content without having to type anything, and control your experience with a few simple requests.


    Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, your movies and shows will be perfectly lit with Sony’s BRAVIA CAM, which comes free with the A95K and Z9K TV (sold separately for other BRAVIA XR models). It scans the room for both you and how light or dark it is in the room, then chooses the best brightness setting. But that’s not all – gesture controls and video chat give you more options, really turning your TV into a super-smart centrepiece.


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