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    Dishwashers with Superior Drying Tech

    Many of the latest dishwashers will have some form of technology that not only gets your dishes clean but has them coming out perfectly dry. Some of the biggest names in dishwashing such as AEG (AirDry), Beko (Turbo fan drying system), and Bosch (PerfectDry) all have their own unique drying technologies. Basically, if you’re having to hand dry dishes, then your dishwasher’s only doing half a job.

    What are the benefits of superior drying tech?

    Save time

    With superior drying technologies, you know that when the dishwasher is done, that means the dishes are clean and dry. This means there’s no more time wasted towel drying to finish off the job. Just less work and more free time.

    Save energy

    The latest drying technologies not only save time, they also save energy. With the technology improving over the years, superior drying tech now uses significantly less electricity and water to dry off dishes. So, you don’t need to worry about drying tech affecting your bills.

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    Bosch Series 6 Dishwasher

    Bosch Series 6 dishwashers have got it all worked out when it comes to drying dishes. Along with a range of dishwashing programmes to make sure you get the perfect clean, some also use PerfectDry technology to ensure your crockery and plastics come out bone-dry. It works by using special minerals that absorb water from the air to create heat – quickly drying whatever’s inside.

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