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    Dishwashers with Dish Drying


    Want a hand with those everyday chores? A dishwasher with a self-drying setting will be your new best friend. No more damp tea towels and no more standing in the kitchen for hours after a long day – just sit back and relax, while the dishwasher ticks off your to-dos for you. Bliss.


    Ready and waiting

    With a self-drying feature, your dishes will be waiting for you, not the other way round. Some of these clever programmes raise the temperature at the end of the cycle, quickly drying your mugs and plates, so everything is ready to use straight away.

    Bacteria buster

    Do damp tea towels give you the ick? Us too. And if you forget to wash them often enough, bacteria can start to linger. With a dish drying setting, you won’t have to wipe down your clean plates with germ-covered cloths. If that’s not a win, we don’t know what is.

    Keep your pennies in your pockets

    Not only does a dish drying feature tick a chore of your to-do list, but it can also save you money. Some use natural minerals that absorb water, while others pop open the door to let fresh air in. Either way, you can take those spare pennies and treat yourself to something nice – go on, you deserve it.

    Keep Mother Earth smiling

    Some dish drying features are specially designed to be eco-friendly. Whether they use fresh air to get your dishes ready for the cupboard, or the leftover heat from a wash cycle, they take up less energy. Now you can keep your conscience as clear and your crockery.

    Also look out for…


    Nobody likes opening the dishwasher to a face full of steam. Luckily, this model has TurboDrying to make that a thing of the past. It uses a fan to quickly clear away the inside while drying your plates, pots and pans in next to no time. That means you can pop your crockery away almost as soon as a cycle ends – just without the unwanted sauna.


    AEG’s AirDry feature dries everything quickly and hygienically, so you can put them straight back in the cupboard. Once it’s coming to the end of a programme, the door will automatically open by 10cm to let a flow of natural air inside. Because this allows moisture to leave the appliance, it’s much more hygienic than a standard drying cycle. Plus, it uses less energy too, so it’s kinder on your utility bills.


    Zeolith® technology is an effective and economical drying method that brings the most energy efficient way of drying your dishes. Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral that absorbs water and gives off dry heat in the process. The water left from washing is absorbed by Zeolite inside the dishwasher and the heat given off gives an exceptional drying result. This saves you money and time – and the best part? Zeolite lasts for the lifetime of the dishwasher.


    There’s no need to keep the tea towel handy with the ActiveDry feature. It’ll automatically open the door by 10cm when a cycle ends, letting pots and pans air out naturally without using up an extra energy. That means your crockery will be ready for the cupboard, and you won’t get a shock when your bill turns up.

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