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What is QLED?

Get the low down on QLED screen tech, what it is and how it will maximise your favourite entertainment with stunning visuals.

What is QLED?

The Q in QLED stands for quantum dots, and QLED TVs come with a layer of these special dots over an LED backlight. When they’re lit up, they produce an unrivalled range of colour, with levels of detail and realism you’d expect on a cinema screen. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the snacks and get lost in the stories you love like never before.


Also look out for...

Object Tracking Sound

Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound thrusts you into the centre of your favourite films. This sound tech tracks what’s happening on screen, meaning the audio travels around your TV to perfectly sync up with where the action is unfolding. So, when that high-speed car zooms across screen, the sound will follow too, for that extra layer of immersion.

Quantum Processor 4K

Samsung’s Quantum Processor tech makes sure you’re always watching the best possible version of the films and shows you love. The powerful processor can change your TVs brightness and sound to suit any viewing condition. And at the same time, it’s constantly improving the detail of the images you see, as you see them.

100% colour volume

The TV feature you didn’t know you needed. 100% colour volume on Samsung QLED TVs keeps the images you see on screen brimming with colour. This means you won’t have to suffer through your favourite films with unsaturated colours, because each frame will pop.

Direct Full Array

Ever noticed the backlight coming through your TV whenever you watch a darkly lit scene? It can be a right pain. Thankfully Samsung Direct Full Array tech gets rid of that problem. It checks over each scene to adjust the lighting for added depth and detail. And importantly, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted light ruining that series finale, or nature documentary.

Q-Symphony sound

Q-Symphony helps your TV’s speakers and Samsung soundbar combine for a true surround sound experience. With the front, top and side speakers in the soundbar, and the high positioned speakers in the TV perfectly harmonising, you’ll feel every battle and hair-raising speech from the films and shows you love.

Ambient Mode+

Ambient Mode+ lets your TV play an important part in your home, even when it’s off. Whether you want stunning art to freshen up your living room walls or your treasured family photos for all to see, with Ambient Mode+ you can choose what you want on screen when you’re not in front of it.

Boundless Design

With Samsung’s Boundless Design, your TV looks great from every angle, and in any room. With a super thin bezel and a sleek metal stand, it’s both striking and elegant. And best of all, the typical clunky back is a thing of the past, with a stunning clean and textured panel that oozes style.

Real game enhancer

Take every aspect of your gaming to the next level with Real Game Enhancer. From crisper surround sound and vivid colours to super smooth action and perfectly synced visuals. You’ll have even more control, getting closer to your favourite characters.


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