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    Appliances that make life effortless

    Whether it’s a large capacity washing machine to tackle that never-ending laundry pile, or an oven with built-in recipes to take the hard work out of mealtimes, Indesit can help save precious time and effort, so you can do more of the things you love.

    Delicious meals, the easy way

    Whipping up delicious family meals that keep everybody happy is always the number one goal, but there never seems to be enough time to make it happen. When you’ve got tonnes to do, an Aria oven from Indesit will save the day. With the brilliant Turn&Cook feature, all you need to do is set your temperature and cooking method, and it will prepare everything to absolute perfection. Plus, with over 80 recipes to choose from on the Turn&Cook app, you’ll never be short on ideas.

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    Laid back laundry days

    You can make laundry days as easy as pie with an Indesit washing machine - no matter how little time you have. With a range of everyday cycles that leave clothes spotless in under 59 minutes, MyTime will power through the dirty washing pile in a flash. Plus, with Innex Push & Wash models, you can choose your programme and start the wash with a simple push of a button, to make laundry days totally effortless.

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    Wash and dry with confidence

    If you have a bigger family to clean up after, or simply need a little extra help on laundry days, a washer dryer from Indesit will take away the hard work. The brilliant Innex machines with Push, Wash & Dry make laundry completely hassle-free, as with a push of a button, you can select your programme and start the wash and dry cycle in seconds, making it perfect for leaving your everyday laundry spotless in no time at all.

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    Perfectly clean, perfectly caring

    With a dishwasher from Indesit you can wash your crockery with complete confidence, knowing everything will come out totally spotless. The fantastic Baby Care cycle gives dishes a thoroughly hygienic clean too. This dedicated programme removes up to 99.9999% of bacteria from your little one’s bottles, plates and toys, so you’ll never have to worry about nasty bugs and germs again. Plus, with Indesit’s slimline models, you can experience incredible cleaning results, even in a small or compact kitchen.

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    Deliciously fresh - every day

    All your groceries will be deliciously fresh with an Indesit fridge freezer. Thanks to fantastic Super Cooling, the temperature inside drops whenever you add something new, so you can lock in your food’s nutrients and vitamins as soon as you unload the shopping. With anti-bacterial protection inside, your groceries will stay in the best conditions for longer too. You’ll never struggle for space if you’ve been stocking up on supermarket deals either, as you can rearrange the drawers inside to give you extra room.

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