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    Samsung Lifestyle Range

    More than just a TV

    Samsung’s new Lifestyle range of TVs is pushing the boundaries of what a TV can be. With QLED screen technology and 4K resolution housed inside unique designs, these striking TVs are there to be enjoyed, experienced and become the hub of your home. Check out what makes their new TVs tick.

    The Frame

    Which TV looks like art?

    TV when it’s on, art when it’s off. Liven up your home with a mix of fine art and entertainment with Samsung’s The Frame TV. Enjoy your favourite shows and films on the brilliant QLED 4K display when it’s on. And when it’s off, you can brighten up your living room with iconic art and stunning photography, including your own treasured family pics – all on a TV that’s slimmer than ever.

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    Art Mode

    Instead of fading to black when the TV’s off, turn The Frame into your very own gallery. Enjoy over 1,400 beautiful masterpieces on the Art Store*, and find the perfect piece that matches your mood. Or show off those precious holiday snaps or those goofy selfies by uploading your own photos and family pics straight to the screen.

    *Separate Art Store subscription required.

    QLED Technology

    When you do switch on The Frame, you won’t be disappointed. Whether it’s a wildlife doc or the latest episode of your favourite show, it’ll be amazingly detailed on a QLED 4K display. It produces over a billion cinematic colours, so grab the popcorn, as the movies are right on your doorstep.

    Customisable bezel

    It’s easy to style The Frame to work with your taste, space or simply the artwork on display. There’s a range of interchangeable bezels* to choose from. As they’re magnetic, it’s really easy to swap them whenever you fancy a change. Go ahead, the choice is yours.

    *Each sold separately.

    Modern frame design

    A masterpiece in its own right, this stylish TV will add the finishing touch to any room. Slimmer than ever, it’s simple and elegant with no distracting cables, and has been designed to blend in beautifully at home. This isn’t a clunky black box: it looks and hangs like a real picture frame.

    Meet The Freestyle - the Samsung smart TV  experience, with no boundaries*

    Portable, powerful and surprisingly simple

    The Freestyle is flexible and compact, so whatever angle you’re watching from, it’ll project your fave flicks onto any flat surface brilliantly. It automatically adjusts the picture in an instant to fit the space, getting it right every time. You can also immerse yourself in 360-degree audio, even on the move and outdoors.**

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    *Smart TV functionality requires internet connection. Product does not have TV tuner.
    **Compatible external battery required for outdoor use and sold separately. Weatherproof case recommended for outdoor use and sold separately.

    All-round 180 design

    Want to binge on your latest Netflix fix but you’re just too comfy to budge? The Freestyle has you covered. It’s versatile by design, with a flexible cradle stand that allows you to easily adjust the angle by up to 180 degrees, so you can watch on any flat surface - wherever you’ve found your chill-out spot. From wall to ceiling, simply find the perfect viewing angle, point, and play.

    Big screen

    We know it’s the little details that make a big difference, so never miss them again. The Freestyle lets you project a screen from 17 inches up to an incredible 100 inches, on any surface. So, grab the popcorn and get ready for the big screen experience. You can even manually adjust the screen to fit the space however you need. With crisp Full HD HDR picture quality, you'll get bright, bold images and clear colour on any flat surface you choose.

    External battery compatible*

    Compact. Lightweight. Easy to carry. You move and The Freestyle simply follows. From indoors to outdoors, you're free to make any surface a screen - anytime, anywhere. Just connect The Freestyle small projector to an external battery to enjoy a portable screen everywhere you go.

    *Compatible external battery required for outdoor use and sold separately. USB-C type power cable included. Weatherproof case recommended for outdoor use and sold separately.

    Mobile mirroring

    It's never been easier to connect your smartphone and project the screen onto any space.*

    Want to share a cool, new music video with the group? Simply tap your phone on The Freestyle for easy screen mirroring, so everyone can see it in full glory on the wireless display. That's all it takes. Too comfy to get up from the sofa? You can also connect your phone using SmartThings or AirPlay2 and enjoy all the action straight off the ceiling.

    *Internet connection, compatible mobile device, and SmartThings account required.

    The Serif

    Which TV makes a design statement?

    Samsung’s The Serif QLED 4K TV takes design to new heights. From the minds of the Bouroullec brothers, the TV’s All-round 360 design is certainly striking. With its unique bezel and elegant stand, it’ll be the pièce de résistance of any room, even when it’s not entertaining the family.

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    *Wires not shown

    Ambient mode

    When you’re not watching the latest films and shows, Ambient Mode* lets you light up your room with stylish art. And because it automatically adjusts to the light in any space, big blank screens are a thing of the past.

    *Some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone.


    The Serif isn’t just a looker. Packed with QLED screen tech, this TV certainly packs a punch. With over a billion colours and shades, the entertainment you love will look as good as the TV it’s being displayed on.

    Near Field Communication

    A new way to connect your phone to your TV. NFC seamlessly links your phone and TV when you rest your smartphone on the top of The Serif’s frame. This way you can enjoy the playlist’s on your phone through your TVs speakers without any fuss*.

    *Compatible smartphone required.

    Elegant stand

    A TV as good looking as the Serif needs to be proudly displayed, and The Elegant Stand will do just that. The stylish metal stand safely secures the TV, so it’ll standout in any room.

    The Sero

    Which TV rotates for portrait viewing?

    We all love scrolling through social media, watching and liking videos, sharing our favourites. Now go further with a mobile-optimised experience on The Sero. This beautiful 43” 4K TV rotates between vertical and horizontal modes to make the most of your content.

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    *Wires not shown

    Mobile mirroring

    With The Sero, hooking up your phone to your TV has never been easier. Just simply tap your smartphone anywhere on the TV and the screen will seamlessly mirror your phone*.

    *Compatible smartphone required.


    When you swing back into landscape mode to watch the latest Netflix release, The Sero’s QLED tech will make sure you’re watching in incredible detail with over 100 million colours and shades.

    Powerful speakers

    No TV is complete without ground shaking sound, and with the powerful 60-watt speakers built-in, The Sero is ready and waiting to boom out that Spotify playlist. Plus, with Dolby Digital Plus, you’re favourite films will sound as epic as they look.


    Samsung’s SmartThings* app comes built into The Sero. So, whether you want to adjust the lighting, schedule the laundry or monitor your home, you’ll be able to control your smart home through your TV.

    *Compatible Android or iOS phone required.

    The Terrace

    Which TV is best for outside?

    Imagine watching that big sporting event or latest blockbuster release out in the garden with your family and friends. With Samsung’s The Terrace, that’s now a reality. These huge weather resistant screens are meant to be shared and experienced with loved ones in the great outdoors*.

    *Protection from water and dust based on IP55 standard and operating smoothly at temperatures between -30 to 50℃.

    Anti-Reflection Screen

    The Terrace is built for the outdoors so naturally it can tackle sunlight with ease. The Anti-Reflection Screen absorbs any reflections and removes glare so you can enjoy that mid-day match without any distractions*.

    *TV should not be installed in direct sunlight, as continuous exposure to direct sunlight may cause damage to the panel. For proper installation, follow instructions in user manual.

    Ultra-Bright QLED 4K

    A TV designed for the garden needs to be bright to keep up with the sun. The Terrace’s QLED screen boasts 2000-nits of brightness, so even on the sunniest of days, you can catch epic blockbusters and live games in perfect clarity.

    Seamless connectivity

    Forget about all those wires with Samsung’s The Terrace, because you’ll only need one. With a HD Base-T Receiver already built in, you can just plug in and go straight out of the box.

    Smart TV

    Waste no time enjoying your favourite films and shows from your garden. With Smart features built-in, you can access your go-to apps such as NOW TV, Apple TV and BT Sports in an instant.

    The Premiere

    Bring the cinema home

    A projector like no other, The Premiere brings entertainment to life in the comfort of your own home. With vivid 4K resolution, powerful sound, and a wall-to-wall 130” screen, the home cinema experience has never looked so good. Plus, it seamlessly blends into your home and it’s easy to install with no ceiling mount or cables needed.

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    4K laser technology

    The Premiere really is like being at the cinema. 4K laser tech delivers stunning, crisp visuals brimming with colour. And, because it’s the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector, the brightness levels and colour range is constantly tweaked frame by frame for the best visual experience.

    Wall-to-wall screen

    When watching films, bigger really is better, and The Premiere has got a whole lot of screen. With a max size of 130”, plus crystal 4K resolution, that superhero epic or period drama will look out of this world.

    Entertainment to suit any space

    Enjoy a big screen without compromising on space. The Premiere projector comes in a nice compact size and you can place it almost anywhere – even if it’s close to the wall. So, you can catch all the films and shows you love without changing your space.

    All your favourites in one place

    The ultimate movie night experience in the comfort of your home - only with Samsung Smart TV. Be spoilt for choice with all your favourite streaming apps just a click away.

    Samsung Lifestyle soundbars

    Perfect partner

    Pair up your new Samsung Lifestyle TV with a Samsung soundbar for the complete audio-visual experience. With 7 internal speakers and a built-in subwoofer for ground-shaking sound, the S60 and S61 soundbars will bring some oomph to the entertainment you love.

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