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    Best Samsung TVs 2023

    On the hunt for a new TV? Well, you’re in luck. Samsung have brought out an incredible range that’ll have you looking forward to the first match of the season or a rainy weekend with a boxset and your duvet for company.

    Best for ultimate viewing

    If you love all the latest tech, you need a TV with the full package. A spectacular screen, amazing sound and a beautiful design – this model has the lot.

    Samsung QE65QN85AA 65" 4K Ultra HD Neo QLED TV

    • 4K Ultra HD Samsung NEO QLED display
    • Object Tracking Sound
    • Beautifully sleek design
    • Wide viewing angle with anti-reflection

    With this Samsung TV, you’ll never want to leave the sofa (no judgement here). The QLED screen shows off your films and TV shows in vibrant colour, while the 4K resolution adds so much detail. It creates stunning sound too. The clever tech notices every noise in the film and mimics their movements in your room, like a plane flying over your head (cue ducking at nothing). And when it’s off, its really thin bezel and simple design mean it’ll still look great in your space.

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    Packed with the latest, greatest tech

    Quantum Matrix technology

    Not only does this clever tech make the TV so much brighter, but it also stops lighter parts of the screen seeping into darker areas. The result? A screen that’ll make your boxsets look amazing, day or night.

    Samsung Neo Quantum processor 4K

    Even older films will look their best with this clever processor. It gives the picture quality a boost to bring much-loved classics into the 21st century.

    Quantum HDR 1500 powered by HDR10+

    Imagine 1500 candles in a room - that gives you an idea of how bright this TV goes. By being that bright, lighter colours really pop on the screen, and other details will appear out of the shadows. So, you’ll never miss anything in your film.

    Wide viewing angle with anti-reflection

    You’ve got a free Saturday to finally catch up on that drama series, but the sun’s shining right on the TV. With anti-reflection technology, instead of closing the curtains, you can just sit back and enjoy the show (and the glorious sunshine). And because the viewing angle’s so wide, every spot will be the best seat in the room.

    Best for sports and movies

    Whether you’re backing your home team from the sofa or you love getting stuck into a movie marathon, you need a screen that’s worthy of the big moments. With all the clever tech inside this TV, it’ll feel like the big game or latest blockbuster is playing out in your front room. Grab the snacks - you’re in for a treat.

    Samsung QLED QE65Q60AA 65" 4K Ultra HD TV With 100% Colour Volume and Apple TV App

    • Watch jaw-dropping moments in 4K UHD
    • Dual LEDs create lifelike, natural colours
    • Automatically tweaks the volume depending on what you’re watching

    From the big game to a blockbuster, whatever you watch will look amazing on this Samsung TV. With 4K and Dual LED tech working together, that iconic goal or gripping action scene will look better than ever before. And you won’t have to turn the sound up to hear all the commentary (to then jump out of your skin when the adverts come on at half time), as the handy tech automatically balances the volume out.

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    It's got a load of other tech too...

    Quantum HDR powered by HDR 10+

    Quantum HDR controls the colours and contrast that fill your screen. Not only does this brighten up lighter colours, but it also creates darker blacks and browns. This creates a lifelike picture that’ll give you a better view than if you were sat in the stands at the stadium.

    100% Colour Volume

    By adding billions of vibrant and natural shades to the screen, every scene from your film will look so real. So, when you really get sucked into the moment, you’ll feel like you’ve left the snacks on the sofa and stepped into the screen.

    Multi View

    Want to keep an eye on the ball as well as everything going down on Twitter? Cast your phone screen to the TV to watch both at the same time. It’s really smooth too, so your scrolling won’t lag. What a result.

    *Internet connection and compatible smartphone required.

    Smart TV

    From Disney+ to BT Sport, there’s loads of subscription streaming apps that you can sign up to. They’re all available on the smart hub – just grab the ice cream and spend your evening glued to the TV.

    *Subscriptions may be required. Some apps may not be available at launch. 3rd party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop updating them at any time.

    **Samsung TV has been the No.1 TV Brand for 15 consecutive years by Omdia.

    Best for gaming

    It doesn’t matter whether your love lies with Nintendo’s very own Animal Crossing and Mario, or the likes of COD and FIFA made for Xbox and PlayStation. What does matter is the screen you play these games on, and this one is awesome.

    Samsung UE65AU9000 65" 4K Ultra HD TV

    • Tweaks the picture settings to your games
    • Stream a YouTube tutorial while you play
    • 3 HDMI ports and a cable management system

    This TV automatically adjusts its settings to give you a really clear view of the battlefield. So, you’ll never miss a detail – not even the opponents lurking in the shadows. It can also mirror your phone screen at the side of the game. Stuck on a tricky level? Just play a tutorial that walks you through every step. And with 3 HDMI ports and a clever cable management system, you’ll be able to connect your consoles without cluttering up your room.

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    Tech that'll top the leaderboards

    Motion Xcelerator Turbo tech

    Sick of lag? Who isn’t? This screen’s packed with a clever combo of tech that’ll make sure it keeps up with your speedy fingers. So, you can pull off all your top moves at the perfect moment.

    Object Tracking Sound Lite

    Forget the headset – this TV will wrap you up in all the action. Clever tech follows any noise on the screen and the bottom speakers mimic that sound in the room. So, it’ll feel like the chopper’s flying over your house or your opponent’s footsteps are creeping up behind you. Those chilling survival horrors just got a whole lot scarier.

    Super Ultrawide GameView

    With a really wide 32:9 aspect ratio, you’ll always be able to see the full scene – just like the developers intended. This means you’ll never get hit by an enemy that’s out of shot. See that? Yeah, that’s you winning.

    Dynamic crystal colour

    This tech paints your titles in over a billion colours – that’s 64 times more than other 4K TVs. With all these shades to choose from, everything will be so much more natural and lifelike. Whether you’re playing in outer space or downtown LA, the game will feel so real, you could almost reach out and touch it.

    Best for families

    Whether you’ve got your hands full with the little ones or your eldest comes round for movie nights (or to collect their washing), this TV will make good use of any downtime. You’ve earned it.

    Samsung UE70AU8000 70” 4K Ultra HD TV

    • Watch everything in 4K detail
    • Ask the 3 voice assistants anything
    • Slim design adds a clean look to the room

    Watch the shows you like with the people you love most on this Samsung TV. The 4K display will add so much detail to a Bond film (or Peppa Pig). It’s also got Alexa, Google and Bixby voice assistants, so instead of grabbing the remote you can just change the channel with your voice. Great if you don’t want to disturb your little pooch that’s sleeping across your legs. And when your living room’s been taken over by the kids’ toys, you can claim a corner that’ll be clutter-free, as it has a slim, minimalistic design.

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    It can do so much more...

    Smart TV powered by Tizen

    There’s something for the whole family on the smart hub. Not only does it have a range of streaming apps that are filled with movies and boxsets, but there’s lots of catch-up services too. So, when the kids’ swimming class clashes with your favourite show, you can just watch it back at a time that suits you.

    *Subscriptions may be required. Some apps may not be available at launch. 3rd party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop updating them at any time.

    **Samsung TV has been the No.1 TV Brand for 15 consecutive years by Omdia.

    Crystal processor 4K

    If you’ve not got a streaming subscription, don’t rule this TV out yet. There’s a crystal 4K processor that gives the picture of older films a makeover, so they’ll look just as good as the latest releases – perfect when you’re in the mood to dust off a DVD.

    Video call apps

    Teens flown the nest? You can still keep in touch with them with the video call apps. No more squinting to see your loved ones from your phone – put them up on the big screen instead.

    Samsung Health app

    When the kids are still asleep, you can take some time for yourself with Samsung’s Health app. From yoga to an intense HIIT workout, there’ll be something for you. And everyone in the family can create their own profile, so they’ll have their own goals to push towards.