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    Smart Living

    What is SmartThings?

    SmartThings is all about connecting the tech in your home, so it can help you out throughout the day. It makes daily life a breeze. The clever app connects to your smart devices, so a bunch of them can work together to give you a little helping hand around the house.

    Not only is it the best app to control your Samsung smart products, but Amazon, Google, Philips Hue and Ring are some of the big names that it’s also compatible with, meaning your head won’t be doing flips trying to work out which tech works with it. And since you can control everything from the one app, you’ll never have to waste time or effort flicking around your phone’s home screen.

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    Bring the TV into your smart home

    By connecting your TV to SmartThings, it becomes so much more than just something to watch the latest chick-flick or play a game on. Using the app, you’ll be able to see who’s knocking at the door and create the perfect mood for movie night, all from the cosiest spot on the sofa.

    *Works with selected Samsung smart TVs and requires third party smart products.

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    Transform your room into a home cinema

    With a tap of the button, you can dim the lights and switch on your soundbar, ready for a cosy night in with a new blockbuster. Now all that’s left to do is to sneak in some snacks. Watch the video.

    Save the stress of a lost remote

    This TV lets you control it with your voice. So, you’ll never get stuck in a game of hide and seek with your remote, again. Watch the video.

    Evenings well spent

    If you’ve got an oven that works with the SmartThings app, it can send a notification to your TV to let you know that the food’s cooked. This leaves you to relax with a boxset instead of hovering around the kitchen. Watch the video.

    See who’s knocking

    Ordered a takeaway? You can connect the TV to your smart doorbell and see exactly when it arrives on the big screen. Watch the video.

    Become the star of the show

    The TV hooks up to any smart cameras you’ve got around the house, letting you watch everything going on. This is great for checking on your baby that you’ve put down for a nap or the dogs play fighting in the garden. Watch the video.


    Convenience at your fingertips

    We all worry about misplacing things, with SmartThings Find you can easily track down the location of your Galaxy phone, tablet, Buds or watch. And now there is Galaxy SmartTag, secure the things that are important to you like your keys, wallet or even your kid’s favourite toy with SmartTag and always know where everything is.

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    A machine that works around you

    With the SmartThings app and a Samsung QuickDrive machine, laundry days are so much easier. Whether you’re at work or out for a bite to eat, you can start a wash or dry from wherever you are. And you’ll be able to create the perfect cycle for your family’s clothes with just a few taps.

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    A wash that’s perfect every time

    When you come to start a wash, you can let the app know exactly what you’ve put in and adjust the settings to suit it. From your towels to jumpers, everything will be cleaned thoroughly and in a way that’s best for them. Watch the video.

    Come home to the smell of fresh sheets

    Ideal for if you lead a busy life, the app lets you start the wash from wherever you’ve got an internet connection. So, you can time the end of the cycle with when you’re going to be home, instead of leaving the clothes to dry musty in the drum all-day-long. Watch the video.

    Fridge freezers

    Fridge freezers that lend a hand with the shopping 

    By connecting a compatible fridge freezer to the SmartThings app, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s inside it, without having to open the door. You can label expiry dates too. This is great when you’ve just popped to the shops, as you’ll be able to quickly check if you need some more milk or butter.

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    Ovens that free you from the kitchen

    You can get the SmartThings app on your phone, Galaxy watch or QLED TV, letting you connect all these to a compatible Samsung oven. So, instead of waiting around in the kitchen, you can relax in the bath or weed the garden, and the app will let you know when it’s time to tuck in.

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