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    New Day Eligibility Terms & Conditions

    If you proceed with an eligibility check, you agree as follows:

    • you consent to NewDay Ltd, NewDay Cards Ltd and its agents (together “NewDay” and “we”) using the personal information that you have provided, information that we already hold about you and information that we receive about you from credit reference agencies to check your eligibility for a credit account from NewDay;
    • we may use your personal information as set out in our privacy notice;
    • the information that you have provided is accurate;
    • we may decline to offer a credit account, provide an eligibility check result or allow you to make an application if you submit multiple eligibility checks with differing information;
    • we may search your credit file to check your eligibility for a NewDay credit account and to do this your details will be provided to the credit reference agency(ies) that we use. Any search of your credit file during the eligibility check will only be a quotation search, not a full credit application search. For information about the credit reference agency(ies) we use, please see our privacy notice;
    • information we hold about you as a result of an existing or previous account relationship may also be used to assess your eligibility;
    • if you do apply for a NewDay credit account, the information we receive from and about you during this eligibility check stage will be retained and form part of your full application for that product. We will explain how we will use that information later in the application process, but before you submit your full application. We will only complete a full credit application search if you go on to submit a full credit card application;
    • we will store any information we receive about you during the eligibility check securely, whether or not you proceed with a full credit account application, to help us analyse and develop our products and services and to make sure that we offer you with the most appropriate product.

    As a result of the eligibility check we may tell you that:

    • you are unlikely to be offered the product for which you have applied; if this is the case, we will not allow you to continue with an application as we would have to carry out a credit check which would leave a record on your credit file;
    • you are likely to be accepted for a credit account, but the APR may be higher than the advertised APR; or
    • you are likely to be accepted at the advertised rate and you can proceed with a full credit account application for the advertised product.

    The results of the eligibility check do not constitute an offer of credit. After we have completed a full credit search, we may still decline your application or offer you a higher APR than that we have indicated otherwise as a result of the eligibility check.

    Even if we have indicated that you are likely to be accepted as a result of the eligibility check, we may still decline your application.