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    Best Fridge Freezers 2022

    We all love our food, and our fridge freezers are an important part of our homes. It’s where the birthday jelly is chilled, the Christmas turkey is stashed and the summer punch is cooled. And, depending on what you’re looking for in your next one, we sell loads of models in different styles and sizes. It can be a little overwhelming when deciding which one is best for you, so thankfully, we’ve put together a handy guide to help.

    Best for large families

    Whether you’ve got an exceptionally big brood at home or your other half just likes to make their way through the week’s food supply quicker than most, an American fridge freezer might be the one for you. They’re great for storing more at once, and even better for stocking up on everyone’s favourite snacks. The kids will like that one.

    American Fridge Freezers

    Large capacities

    If you need more space, picking a fridge freezer with a large capacity is an easy answer to your prayers. American models are always a bit more generous than standard ones, and some even have room for over 600 litres of food – that’s over 33 bags of shopping!

    Fast freeze

    We all know those mad dashes back from the supermarket to save our beloved tubs of ice cream. Because fast freeze tech rapidly drops the freezer’s temperature at the push of a button, it gets all your frozen groceries back to their ideal conditions faster. This helps to lock in their nutrients and flavours too, keeping food fresher for longer.

    Water dispensers

    We get it, nothing beats an icy cold drink after work or school. If you pick a model that comes with a built-in water dispenser, you’ll get to enjoy a refreshing beverage whenever your heart desires.

    Frost free technology

    Still scraping away clumps of ice with your bare hands? By choosing a model that comes with frost free tech, you’ll save yourself a whole lot of agro. That’s because they move cool air around inside to stop it building up in the first place – easy peasy.

    Best for a garage

    They might make things cold, but that doesn’t mean that every freezer can weather the frosty garage. And that’s simply because not every model is designed to be kept outside. So, if you do have big dreams of extra cooling space in the garage, you’ll need one with freezer guard technology. This keeps them safe in environments as low as -15 degrees.

    Freezer guard tech

    Beko 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - White - F Rated



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    Large capacities

    Extra lollies, handy ready meals and tonnes of leftovers that are just too good to throw away. Sound about right? If you’re going all out and investing in a spare freezer for the garage, you might as well get one with lots of space. Some of the largest models that we sell can hold over 500 litres of food – that’s a lot of ice cream.

    Interior lights

    What goes bump in the night? Someone who’s rummaging for treats without a light, that’s who. If you like your midnight treats, getting a model with an interior light is the way to go. They’ll make those dark searches much easier. Thank us later.

    Best for a small space

    It can be such a pain trying to squeeze a normal-sized fridge freezer into a tight gap. No need to worry though, because if you are a little limited for room, some of the models that we sell are perfect for smaller spaces.

    Small fridge freezers

    Candy 50/50 Fridge Freezer - White - F Rated



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    Small dimensions

    Believe it or not, fridge freezers aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. That’s great for news for anyone who’s a little tight for space, because you’ll easily be able to find one that’s right for you. Make sure you measure the height, width and depth of your space, and check them against the spec before you buy.

    Reversible door

    Reversible doors are really handy for smaller spaces. That’s because they let you move the hinge from one side to the other, putting you in full control of which way it opens.

    Slim walls

    Some fridge freezers are designed with thinner walls than others. Not only will these save you a bit of space in the kitchen, but they’ll also give you more room to play with inside.

    In-door storage

    It might seem obvious, but having space in the door is a great way of saving room on the shelves. So, if you’re a big lover of milk, sauces and pickles, choosing a model with in-door storage is ideal.

    Best value for money

    Depending on your budget, there are loads of great brands and features to choose from. So, whether you’re after something that’s cheap and cheerful or you’ve got a bit more to spend on some extra features, you’ll always be able to find the right one for you.

    Best buys

    Fridgemaster 50/50 Total No Frost Fridge Freezer - Silver - F Rated



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    Haier 60/40 Total No Frost Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel Effect - F Rated



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    Bosch Series 6 70/30 Fridge Freezer - White - C Rated



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    Salad crisper drawers

    What use is a bunch of fresh veg if you haven’t got anywhere to put it? That’s where a salad crisper drawer comes in useful, because they’ll give you the ideal place to keep every onion and pepper perfectly organised.

    Energy rating

    If you’re trying to be a bit more environmentally conscious, or you’re just looking to save a bit of money on the monthly bills, picking a fridge freezer that’s energy efficient is key. The better the rating, the cheaper and kinder it’ll be to run.

    Holiday mode

    We all love jetting off for a week in the sun, but we’re less keen on our appliances racking up the bills when we’re not around to use them. Some fridge freezers come with a holiday mode, so just switch it on and it’ll save energy until you’re back. It’ll do this by raising the temp in the fridge, but keeping the freezer running. No more defrosting sessions before you take off.

    Slim walls

    If you go for a model that’s specially designed with slim walls, you’ll be able to fit more food inside whilst saving bulk in the kitchen at the same time. Win-win.