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    Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

    Looking for your first fridge freezer? Or maybe you need a replacement? Either way, there are a lot of things to consider when shelling out for a brand-new fridge freezer. From size, split type and features, our guide will help you choose your new appliance.

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    Choose your width

    Did you know?

    The height of a fridge freezer can vary between 130cm and 200cm.

    See our handy measurement guide for more help and advice.

    Choose your split

    The split type on a fridge freezer refers to how much space you have in the fridge and freezer compartments.

    If you’re replacing a like for like integrated fridge freezer, make sure you get the same split type, so it matches your cabinets


    The go-to choice if you’re all about fresh food. A 70/30 split has a large fridge compartment on top, with a smaller freezer below.


    The ideal option if you prefer stocking up on fresh food, but still want a good amount of room for yummy frozen food. This split type has a slightly bigger fridge than it does a freezer.


    If you love a bit of both, then a 50/50 split is the one for you. The fridge and freezer compartments are the same size.

    Choose your fit


    Freestanding fridge freezers are a very popular choice if you don’t want a built-in appliance. You can put them almost anywhere in your kitchen, and if you move house, you can take it with you. Plus, you can choose from loads of different colours and finishes.

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    Integrated or built-in fridges freezer sit nicely behind your cupboard door for that sleek modern look. We have a range of integrated fridge freezers in different sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right fit for your kitchen.

    Shop integrated

    Did you know?

    You’ll get all the correct parts and fixings for your integrated fridge freezer. So, you won’t need to worry about finding the right bit of kit when fitting that cabinet door.

    How to Measure

    Fridge Freezer Measurement Guide

    How to properly measure for your new fridge freezer

    Find out more

    Key Features

    Smart Technology

    A lot of new fridge freezers now come with WiFi connectivity. This means you can sync up your appliance with your smartphone, usually through an accompanying app. With this, you can get notifications when your food is due to go off and get personalised recipes based on the food you have in the fridge.

    Water Dispensers

    You'll find a lot of fridge freezers with water dispensers and for good reason too. Water dispensers give you a fresh supply of chilled water whenever you need to quench that thirst. It's good to know that some models connect straight to your water supply and some come with tanks that you'll need to fill up every now and then. Check our how to fit guide for more help and advice.

    Frost free

    Frost free tech stops ice from forming inside your fridge freezer. It uses a fan to keep the cool air constantly moving around so nothing ever gets a chance to stick. So, you’ll never have battle through ice to get the last of those frozen chips.

    Holiday mode

    The holiday mode is really handy for when you’re away from home. This setting can be used when your fridge is empty, it’ll change the temperature to keep away any nasty smells, as well as keeping the energy usage low.

    Anti-bacterial lining

    Anti-bacterial lining keeps your fridge free of the nasty stuff. It’s a special coating on the inside of the appliance which stops mould and smells building, so your fridge will also be a hygienic space for all that lovely fresh food.

    Fast freeze

    Fast freeze is ideal for when you’ve just got back from the shop and you need to get your food straight in the freezer. This setting will rapidly lower the temperature to get your food back to the right conditions and lock in all the nutrients. So, you won’t have to worry about that ice cream melting.

    Auto defrost

    The auto defrost feature stops any icy build-ups in your fridge. A hole near the bottom of the fridge compartment will collect any condensation, meaning ice won’t be able to form around your food.

    Freezer guard protection

    Freezer guard protection is ideal if you plan on storing your fridge freezer in an environment below 10°C, such as a conservatory. This is because in these low temperatures freezers can stop working. Freezer guard tech makes sure your appliance stays at the right temperature at all times, so your food stays fresh for as long as possible.

    How much does it cost to run?

    A standard fridge freezer will use roughly 269kWh of electricity a year, which will cost around 12p a day.

    Features we love


    Your fridge freezer works hard to keep everything fresh and antibacterial tech helps it work even harder (so you don't have to).

    Find out more


    Turn your fridge freezer into a hydration station with an in-built water dispenser.

    Find out more

    Drinks Door

    These fridge freezers have a special design that lets you get something quickly without wasting energy.

    Find out more

    Flexible Space

    A fridge or freezer with flexible space makes storing your meats and treats extra easy.

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    Frost Reduction

    Tired of wasting your weekends scraping out icy build-ups? We’ve all been there.

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    Keep Food Fresh

    Plenty of fridge freezers are kitted out with clever tech that keeps your food fresher for longer.

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    Delivery and services

    Kitchen & Home Delivery

    We deliver 7 days a week and have flexible delivery options, but for a little extra you can pick a timeslot. Get everything from fridge freezers to dishwashers delivered exactly when you want them

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