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    Best Samsung TVs 2021

    Stuck on which TV to buy? Yeah, we get it. So many models, so much jargon. Well, we’ve rounded up the top 5 Samsung TVs for all your different needs and explained the tech, so it’s easier for you to make the right decision.

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    Best For Families

    Whether you’ve got your hands full with the little ones, or your eldest comes round for movie nights (or to collect the washing you shouldn’t have agreed to do), this TV will make good use of your well-deserved downtime. Glass of wine anyone?

    Samsung UE75TU7100 75" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR10+ and Crystal Processor 4K

    • Crystal 4K display – enjoy 4x more detail than Full HD
    • Smart TV – access a wide range of catch up and streaming apps
    • Works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Bixby

    The UE75TU7100 has something for every family. Thanks to the Crystal 4K display, shows and blockbusters will be brought to life with amazing detail and colour. And, no one will be able to complain that they’re stuck for something to do, as it has the bestselling* collection of 4K content and catch up TV apps, as well as fitness and wellbeing apps.

    *Samsung TV has been the No.1 selling TV Brand for 13 consecutive years by IHS Market.

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    What makes it great for the whole family?

    Catch up TV

    Only the no. 1 selling Smart TV brand can give you access to all your catch up TV apps, so when the kids’ reality show clashes with your drama, one of you (you, let’s be honest) can watch the programme back later. And, you’ll have a whole 28 days to do so, meaning you can enjoy it when it best suits you.

    Streaming apps

    When it comes to finding something to watch, the smart TV also gives you access to a load of streaming services, like Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV*, so you’ll easily be able to find something that all ages can agree on.

    *Apple TV subscription required. Disney+ subscription required. Subject to terms at https://www.disneyplus.com.

    4K Processor

    If you’ve not got a streaming subscription, don’t rule this TV out yet. There’s a crystal 4K processor that gives the picture of older films a makeover, so they’ll look just as good as the latest releases – perfect when you’re in the mood to dust off a DVD.

    75" Display

    See the bigger picture with the 75” display that lets you watch all the action up on the big screen. Its wall-filling size is perfect for even the biggest of families, as everyone will be able to see everything clearly.

    Best For Movies

    Whether you’re a lover of a John Wayne film, or you’re always at the first Star Wars screening, this TV is perfect for those film fanatics who want that cinematic experience, every time.

    Samsung UE55TU8500 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with Dynamic Crystal Colour, Dual LED and Adaptive Sound

    • Crystal 4K with upscaling – watch everything in amazing detail
    • Adaptive sound for an immersive experience
    • Ditch all the unnecessary remotes

    Grab the popcorn and settle down in front of your own home cinema with this UE55TU8500 TV. The 4K display comes with upscaling tech, so whether you’re in the mood for a film straight out of the box office, or fancy a golden oldie, everything will be brought to life with colour and detail. This TV offers great audio to match, since the adaptive sound changes its settings depending on what you’re watching, so you’ll enjoy everything the way it was intended to be heard. And, you’ll be able to use the one remote included to control all your home entertainment setup.

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    Tech that'll get the most out of your films

    Crystal UHD

    With 4x the detail of Full HD, this crystal-clear 4K display will uncover all the beautiful and hidden details in your rom-coms and fast-paced action films. Each scene will be painted with a wide range of pure and vibrant colours too, which work their magic to give you the best experience.

    Crystal processor with upscaling

    When you’re in the mood for one of the classics from your DVD collection, you’ll be able to watch it in a lot more detail than you remember. The clever processor works behind the scenes to freshen up the picture quality of older films. See Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe in better detail than ever before.

    One Remote

    If you’re as serious about films as we are then you’ve probably got a soundbar, Blu-ray player, as well a remote for each of them. This all comes with the challenge of figuring out which controls which and finding the one you actually need (cue plunging your arm down the side of the sofa). Well to save all the hassle, you can use One Remote to control everything connected to your TV, so you can start watching the latest release that much quicker.

    AirPlay and Screen Mirror

    This TV comes with AirPlay2 and Screen Mirror*, which allow you to put your smartphone’s screen on the TV. This means if there’s a film you really want to watch that’s not on any of the streaming apps built-in, you’ll have no problem putting it up on the big screen and watching it in the detail it deserves.

    *Compatible IOS or Android phone required.

    Best For Gamers

    It doesn’t matter whether your love lies with Nintendo’s very own Animal Crossing and Mario, or the likes of COD and FIFA made for Xbox and PlayStation. What does matter is the screen you play these games on, and this TV has it all.

    Samsung QE55Q60TA 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD QLED TV with Quantum Processor, Ambient Mode and Game Enhancer

    • QLED 4K – see every detail that’s built into your game
    • Stream a YouTube tutorial while you play
    • Game Enhancer mode adapts the sound and picture

    With a QLED display, it’s no surprise that gamers love this QE55Q60TA TV. The unbelievable detail means you’ll be able to see all the hidden gems in your titles that you’ve never noticed before. You can also screen mirror your phone screen alongside your game, so you can watch demos and gaming streams while playing yourself.

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    The best tech to top the leaderboards

    Game Enhancer Mode

    Stay ahead of the competition with picture and sound that adapts as fast as you game, giving you every advantage to wipe the floor with the competition. It makes sure lag rates are really low too, meaning A) you’ll never miss a clear shot due to poor quality, and B) you can’t blame losing on your setup.

    Mobile View

    Can’t quite pull off a move? Finding it hard to defeat the final boss? Mobile View* connects to your phone via the SmartThings app, so you can mirror your phone screen alongside the action. This means you can stream a tutorial from YouTube while playing along at the same time, letting you finally take back the win.

    *Internet connection and compatible IOS or Android phone required.

    100% Colour Volume

    You’ll get completely wrapped up in the world that’s playing out around you thanks to this clever tech. It adds billions of vibrant, yet natural shades* to the QLED display, meaning not only will everything be crazily detailed, but it’ll be bursting with colour too, bringing the characters in your game to life.

    *Measured by DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE.

    Adaptive Sound

    All the action in your titles will sound epic too! When you switch from watching a film to playing a game, the TV will automatically change its sound settings, so you always hear gunshots and tyre skids at their very best. The result of this is crystal-clear audio that’ll mean you’ll never miss a move your enemy makes, while also becoming immersed in all of the action.

    Best For Sport

    If you’re a massive fan of the footy, or Wimbledon is your summer staple, then this TV is everything that you could need in your life.

    Samsung QE65Q70TA 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD QLED TV with 100% Colour Volume,  Quantum Processor and Dual LED

    • QLED 4K – detail that makes you feel like you’re there
    • View your phone screen alongside the game
    • Smart TV gives you access to wide range of apps, including BT Sport

    Filled with heap-loads of fantastic tech, the QE65Q70TA is the perfect screen to watch the game of the season. The QLED screen is very bright and vibrant, as well as still being true to life, so you’ll get a better view of the match than if you were sat in the stadium. You’ll get a real feel for the atmosphere too, since adaptive sound+ changes the audio settings to suit what you’re watching.

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    Why is it best for sports?

    BT Sports app

    Samsung’s Smart TV service includes the BT Sport app*, with which you can enjoy all the Champions League and Europa League matches, as well as loads from the Premier League too. So, you can watch your all-time favourite highlights back at any time.

    *BT sport subscription required.

    Adaptive Sound+ and Active Voice Amplifier

    Plus, you’ll never miss a moment as the sound automatically adapts to the background noise in your home, giving you a truly immersive experience that’ll make you feel like you're sat amongst the crowds in the arena.

    The Picture

    Switching back to the court, thanks to the incredible detail created by the quantum 4K processor, you’ll even be able to see the beads of sweat dripping down a player’s head at match point. And, Quantum HDR adds a wide level of colour, while making sure whites are bright and darks are as dark as they can be, bringing iconic stadiums, like Wembley, to life right in front of your eyes.

    Mobile View

    We know the struggle - you want to keep up with what everyone is saying about the game online, but don’t want to miss a second of the action when you look down for a few seconds. With Mobile View* you can pop your phone screen alongside your sports, and change the layout so it’s as big or small as you want. This way you can keep up with all the chatter going down on social media, or check the scores of the rugby, and still be able to keep your eyes focused on the all-important match.

    *Internet connection and compatible IOS or Android required.

    Best Overall

    Ah, the teacher’s pet of TVs. This model is packed with all the top tech to make it the perfect all-rounder, so you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy all the best blockbusters, while also getting the most out of the sports.

    Samsung QE65Q80TA 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD QLED TV with Quantum Processor, Direct Full Array and Adaptive Sound+

    • QLED 4K – enjoy a detailed, cinematic picture
    • Direct Full Array creates deep blacks and bright whites
    • No glare with anti-reflection technology

    The Samsung QE65Q80TA is packed with screen technology to help you get the best out of whatever you’re watching. Direct Full Array turns LEDs completely off to create the perfect, deep black and bright whites. Combine this with the wide range of colours and detail that come with the QLED display, and you’ve got a picture that’s truly busting with life. Enjoy the best picture day or night with anti-glare.

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    Why it's the perfect all-rounder

    Quantum HDR 1500

    HDR is another word for the brightness and contrast of your TV, and usually the higher the number next to it means the better these two will be. In this case, the 1500 tells us that the screen can reach the same amount of brightness as 1500 candles all being lit at the same time. This creates an insanely lifelike picture that uncovers all the little details that you’d usually miss with standard HDR. So, you’ll experience the latest box office hits in the cinematic detail that the filmmaker intended.

    Direct Full Array

    Direct Full Array only lights up the LEDs that are needed to create the perfect picture, leaving the others off and pitch black (standard TVs still let a little bit of light through, making colours washed out and blacks more of a grey). The result of this is a perfect black background and bright whites that’ll make vibrant colours pop and the picture sharp, so everything you watch will be brought to life in your front room.

    Object Tracking Sound

    The speakers around the TV work together to create immersive 3D sound that moves with the action on the screen. So, it’ll feel as though the footsteps in a horror movie are creeping up behind you. Or, if you’re really into your tunes, then you can pop on your music, close your eyes and get taken back to the memories of your favourite live concert.


    As much as we love summer and the sun that (hopefully) comes with it, the rays can often be a nuisance when you want to enjoy a bit of quality time with your TV and a tub of ice cream. Anti-reflection technology on the screen stops any pesky reflections from ruining the quality of the cinematic picture, letting you enjoy your films the way you should, day or night.

    You’re now up to date with all the best tech that Samsung has to offer (for now anyway), and ready to make the next step in buying a new TV. We hope this helped, but if you’ve still got more questions, you can always check out our other guides, or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.