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Air treatment buying guide

Here are the top 5 things you need to know to help you find the right air treatment products for your needs.

Give your home the love and freshness it deserves with the right air treatment product. From air purifiers that reduce impurities, dehumidifiers that banish excess moisture from the air and humidifiers that hydrate the air, our handy guide will help you find what you need to make your home feel fresh.

Air purifiers

Enjoy clean, pure air in your own home with a little help from an air purifier. Perfect for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and homes with pets, they remove and trap harmful impurities, so you can breathe easy. They’re also great for homes with open plan living, creating a lovely scent-free environment. Use the lower settings to eliminate those cooking aromas and the higher settings for high-pollen days, ideal for hay fever sufferers.

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Dehumidifiers keep your home cleaner and healthier by removing moisture from the air to prevent mould and damp from forming on your walls. They’re also really useful when it comes to drying out your laundry. Simply pop it next to your clothes and let the dehumidifier do the rest. When you’re choosing a dehumidifier, the larger the better. The big models extract the same amount of moisture as smaller ones while using less energy.

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Designed to bring moisture into the air, humidifiers hydrate dry air to create a healthier environment at home. They’re great for babies and children, keeping them comfortable and sleeping easy through the night. Beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning with humidifiers, as your skin is injected with moisture throughout the night to combat dryness and itchiness. Dry air can also reduce your natural defences against colds, flu and allergies. So, a little moisture really goes a long way.

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Air treatment products have lots of benefits, including keeping the air free from allergens. Air purifiers help you breathe easy by trapping and removing impurities, to create a lovely, pure environment. Air purifiers that have a HEPA filter guarantee to capture up to 99.95% of allergens in the air, so your house is clear of any harmful bacteria. Click here to find out more about HEPA filters and how they can help you. Dehumidifiers tackle allergens by removing excess moisture from the air so that damp and mould can’t form.

What is a HEPA filter?

Removing damp and mould

Damp and mould can be a real problem in homes up and down the country. If you’ve already noticed the smell or the stains on the walls, the answer to your woes could well be a dehumidifier. Just pop the appliance around 6-8 inches away from the walls to improve airflow and remove all of that excess moisture from the air.

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