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    How to keep the air at home clean

    You might not know that the air in your home isn’t clean. In fact, it can be hard to actually notice if you’re breathing in bad air. However, researchers are now suggesting that the air in our homes could be worse than outdoor pollution. And, with children and adults spending 90% their time indoors, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on what indoor pollution is, how it can affect you, and most importantly, how you can deal with it.

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    How to improve the air quality at home

    See how you can improve the air quality in your home

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    What causes air pollution at home?

    We’ve listed a few of the most common indoor pollutants you might find

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    Air pollution and allergies

    Here are a few of the main ones to look out for and where to find them

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    Air pollution and building work

    It’s good to be clued up on the types of pollution that can occur during renovations

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    Did you know?

    You can buy products designed to purify your homes. They work by cleansing the air and trapping any pollutants, plus they also have extra benefits such as improving your sleep.

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