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    Energy Efficient Cooker Hoods


    You’ll be making meals in comfort with your new cooker hood – no more steam, no more lingering curry smell. And one benefit you may want to look out for when choosing yours is energy efficiency.

    Everyone wants to save a few pennies on their bills, and there are lots of different ways cooker hoods do their bit for your bank balance and the environment.


    Pick a letter

    When you’re shopping around for a new cooker hood, one of the things you’ll want to look out for is the energy rating. A is the most energy-efficient and G is the least. Every product page has a little label so they're easy to spot.

    Does wonders for your wallet

    Want a cooker hood that’s good for your wallet? Because an energy-efficient model uses less power, it’ll help keep those costs down without compromising on keeping your kitchen clear and fresh.

    Also look out for…

    EcoSilence Drive™ motor

    Do you want to keep things peaceful, your kitchen clear and do your bit for the environment? It may seem like a big ask, but we’ve got the answer: the EcoSilence Drive™ motor. It’s powered by a magnet, so there’s no friction, making it extra quiet and energy-efficient, whilst still quickly removing steam and lingering smells. If that’s not a kitchen hat-trick, we don’t know what is.

    Climate Control Sensor

    If your kitchen gets a bit cloudy when you cook, you’ll love this model’s Climate Control Sensor. It monitors the amount of cooking fumes to automatically set the perfect extraction level. Now all that steam has been taken care of, you can focus on getting the perfect sear on those steaks.


    Once you download Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Live app onto your smartphone, life is bound to get easier. You’ll need to connect it to your appliance with WiFi, and once you’re done, you’ll be able to adjust the settings from wherever you are. Whether you’re out the house, having a lie down or in the middle of your favourite show, the days of cooking catastrophes are over. Phew.