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    Increased Filtration


    Increased filtration describes a bunch of cooker hood features that do more than just banish smells. These features might also remove things like grease or pollen. Some can even clean the air before recirculating it into your home. Read on below for the benefits.


    Always cook in pure air

    The smells of cooking can be wonderful if they don’t linger too long. With increased filtration, you’ll always be breathing pure air when you’re at the hob. No pungent fish smells hanging in your living room - now your home stays fresh with every meal.

    Keeps things running smoothly

    Another big plus of having increased filtration is that it keeps your cooker hood in tip-top shape for longer. Because the filters trap grease, the cooker hood won’t get clogged up, so you’ll always have a steam-free kitchen and a cooker hood that lasts a lifetime.

    No steam, no sniffles

    Some filters remove more from the air than just vapour and odours, they even banish pollen at the same time. So, if anyone in your home has allergies, the cooker hood will help clear the air for you while you’re simmering and stirring. How cool is that?

    Also look out for...

    Carbon filter

    Carbon filters are used in cooker hoods which recirculate air. They absorb grease and odours while you cook, and then push clean air back into your kitchen. This means you’ll be making meals in a clear environment. So, whether it’s a Friday night fry-up or a pot of pasta, you’ll always be cloud-free and comfortable.

    Regenerative Charcoal Filters

    It’s not only cats that have multiple lives - this model’s Regenerative Charcoal Filters can be brought back up to four times. When they’re in need of some TLC, pop them in a 100°C oven for an hour. This rejuvenates the charcoal inside the filter, so it comes out as good as new. Now you’re not spending extra money on replacements, why not treat yourself to something nice?