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    Smart-Connected Cooker Hoods

    A smart-connected cooker hood can be set up to work with your phone and be controlled using an app. Some even link your hob and hood together, so the hood can adjust itself automatically. If you have a lot of pans on the highest setting for example, the hood increases the extraction rate to match the level of steam – without you having to do a thing.


    Easy does it

    A smart-connected cooker hood makes dinner time much easier. It links to your hob and automatically sets the perfect power level to match the amount of steam. This means your kitchen always stays clear, leaving you free to concentrate on chopping the veggies.

    All in the palm of your hand

    One of the things you can do with a smart-connected cooker hood is control it from an app on your phone. If you've just put your feet up after cleaning the lounge and it's smelling fresh, the last thing you want is the smell of frying bacon seeping through from the kitchen. A smart-connected hood lets you use the app on your phone, to give the extractor a boost without even getting up.

    Also look out for…

    hOn app

    Want to add your cooker hood to your growing smart home ecosystem? With the hOn app for smartphones, it couldn’t be easier. It lets you manage the settings and features for all your connected appliances from the sofa, so you won’t have to get up to turn the fan up or down. No more interrupted boxset binges for you!

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    Home Connect

    This cooker hood can link up with your Wi-Fi, which means it can be controlled from your smartphone. Don’t worry if you need to nip out the kitchen for a second – a simple tap of your phone will change the settings and turn this model on or off. Now you can carry on with your next culinary creation, and there won’t any food stains left on the controls.

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    Picture this: you’re up to your elbows in dinner prep and your pans are getting a bit too steamy. Don’t panic – cookConnect is here. The smart sensors monitor steam and odours, automatically setting the perfect extraction rate and turning on the lights to give you a better view. It’ll even turn everything off when you’ve finished cooking. So instead of faffing with complicated controls, you can get on with that marinade.


    Clever Con@ctivity 2.0 technology in this hood ensures you’ll always have perfectly clear air. It links up with your compatible hob and automatically sets the ideal power level on the hood’s fans. So you don’t need to worry about finding the ideal setting, and you can enjoy fresh kitchen air at all times.