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    Cookers Hobs and Hood Connection

    Forget fumbling around with complicated controls, hob and hood connection lets you focus on your cooking. With this nifty feature, your hob will wirelessly start your cooker hood, adjusting the speed based on its settings and the pan temperature. Now, instead of figuring out what those buttons do, you can concentrate on your burgers.


    No more false alarms

    Do you often accidentally set off your smoke alarms when you cook? With a hob that automatically connects to the hood when you start cooking, all that hot steam will be dealt with before it takes over your kitchen. Now there’ll be no more flapping tea towels around, phew.

    Keep your kitchen fresh

    We all love fish pie, but do we want to keep those masala smells lingering around the house? Maybe not. Thankfully, a hob and hood connection means any unwanted odours are sent packing with the steam. Now you can enjoy a breath of fresh air whenever you enter the kitchen.

    Focus on the food

    Fancy having one less thing to think about at dinner time? You’re in the right place. This clever tech makes sure your kitchen stays clear, so instead of fumbling with controls or getting distracted by steam, you can focus on your tasty creations. Easy.

    Also look out for...

    Auto Vent 2.0

    Do you need to turn the cooker hood on, but your hands are covered in marinade? Auto Vent 2.0 has your back. It automatically sets the extraction speed to match the hob settings and pan temperature. So instead of fumbling around and making a mess, you can keep that peri-peri sauce on the chicken and not the kitchen.

    AutoVent Speed

    Send steam packing with AutoVent Speed. This nifty tech automatically controls the hood, changing the extraction speed based on how hot your pans are and how many hobs are on. This means there’s no more faffing with complicated controls, just pop those veggies on to boil and the rest is sorted.


    By connecting this hood to a compatible hob, AEG’s Hob2Hood feature offers a hands-free way of managing your cooking environment. When you turn your hob on, it communicates with the hood via infrared, so the lights will come on too. It’ll even recognise when your kitchen is getting smokier and will boost the power to control it. This means that you’ll never find yourself fumbling with the controls.

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    Hob2Hood connect

    Ever wanted a kitchen that works in total harmony? With Hob2Hood Connect tech, you’re one step closer. It automatically detects whenever you start using the hob, turning on the fan and lights so you don’t have to. And when you’re finished, it’ll bob them back off again. It’s almost like magic.

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