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    Dishwashers with Flexible Space


    Whether it’s an extra big pasta pot or batter-covered mixing bowls, a dishwasher with flexible space can easily fit everything inside. From raisable shelves to adjustable cutlery trays, these nifty features give everything from your ladles to your frying pans the space they need. Ready to put the scrubber down? We thought so.


    A simple and spotless solution

    Flexible space dishwashers are super easy to adapt to your needs. Some have shelves that lift to create extra room below, while others have foldable sections that provide wide areas for bigger pots. There are even models that have a third basket for those extra items you never seem to have room for. All you’ve got to do is pop everything in and put your feet up.

    The clean-up is a doddle

    Cleaning up a Sunday cookathon is easy, thanks to flexible space dishwashers. Because you can adapt the layout, you’ll have no trouble fitting in every pot, pan and plate. Now you can wave goodbye to those endless batches of washing up and get everything sorted in one go. So, go and grab yourself a drink and get back to that family-time.

    It does the hard part for you

    Let’s face it – no one likes standing over the sink for an hour after dinner every night. That’s where flexible space features come in – you can create the room you need, so that masala-stained pot can be popped inside and left to do its thing. Now you can curl up on the couch instead of scrubbing away for hours on end. Bliss.

    Also look out for…


    Thanks to Siemens’ rackMatic feature, the days of struggling to fit in bulky items are over. Because you can move the top basket up and down, you get to decide how much height space is in each section. So, whether you need to put a really wide baking tray in the bottom, or a collection of wine glasses at the top, you’ll always have enough room.

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    Flex 1

    If you have some pots that need popping in the dishwasher, the handy Flex 1 system will make it a doddle. The top and bottom baskets have 2 flexible parts which can be moved to make way for different items. Whether it’s a baking tray or a bread knife, you’ll be able to load whatever you need, no matter it’s shape or size.

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    Fit in those bulkier items with the innovative FlexiDuo trays. They can be moved to one side or taken out completely, so larger items can fit in the basket below. Baking trays need a good clean? Not a problem. Now you can pop everything in, just the way you like.

    Third Rack

    You know those random espresso mugs and wooden spoons that you’ve never really got space for? Problem solved with this model, as there’s a handy Third Rack at the top of the dishwasher especially for them. It slides out too, making it really easy to add in your items.