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    Dishwashers with Flood Prevention


    With flood prevention tech, you can protect your kitchen from catastrophes. This clever feature uses sensors to keep an eye on the water level and, if there’s too much, it’ll drain the machine before it overflows. Now you can keep those puddles outside, where they belong.


    Picture this: you’ve just come down for your morning coffee, only to find your kitchen covered in water. We know – nightmare. Thankfully, with flood prevention tech, you can sleep easy every night, knowing you won’t wake up to any accidents. Ahh, peace of mind, there’s nothing quite like it.

    Also look out for…

    Overflow mode

    With this model’s clever overflow mode, you won’t have to live through the nightmare of a flooded kitchen. If there’s too much water inside the dishwasher, it’ll automatically drain the excess before anything goes wrong. “But what about leaks?” we hear you say. Don’t worry it’ll spot those too, turn off the machine and pump the water away. So, you can rest easy, knowing there won’t be any nasty surprised when you get home.

    Total Aquastop

    Having a flood in your kitchen is a disaster nobody wants, and Total Aquastop makes sure that’s never an issue. A special device is fitted to the water intake hose and the base of the machine, keeping an eye on the water levels. If it detects any problems, it switches off the water supply. This means there’s no spills on the floor, and the inside of your dishwasher is protected as well. So, put that mop away and crack on with dinner.

    Anti Flood Protection

    The idea of water all over the kitchen floor is enough to have anyone second guessing using the dishwasher altogether. Luckily, this one comes with Anti Flood Protection. It uses a sensor to keep an eye on water levels and activates the drain pump if there’s a leak inside. This stops your kitchen from flooding and means you never have to worry should something go wrong with your dishwasher. Neat.