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    Dishwashers with a floor indicator light


    We can all agree that dishwashers are a fantastic appliance. No more washing up? Yes please. But did you know they also have some very handy features, including some with a floor indicator light that tells you when the washing cycle has finished?


    You’ll never open the door too early

    Have you ever accidentally opened the door before the programme’s finished? We’ve all done it. If you’re lucky, the dishwasher will automatically pause the cycle, while some cancel it completely, so you need to start all over again, wasting time and energy. But with the indicator light beaming out onto the floor, you’ll easily be able to see when the wash and dry programme has finished, and the door is ready to be opened.

    It’s helpful if you need assistance

    The indicator light is really useful if you struggle to hear the beep that tells you the cycle has ended, or you’re not around when it sounds. You won’t need to crack the door open or feel the front to see how hot it is, because the beam of light will tell you when your dishes are ready to be put away.

    Also look out for…


    Zanussi’s clever beam-on-floor feature shows when it’s safe to unload your crockery. It projects a red light beam onto the floor when a programme is running, to tell you it’s busy cleaning your plates. Then, when everything’s gleaming and ready to be emptied, the light will turn green. This means that you’ll never open the door too early again, and the days of being blasted by steam are over.


    With AEG’s clever Time Beam, you’ll know exactly when your dishwasher cycle will finish. It projects how long is left onto the floor, so you only need to glance over to check when it’s ready to unload. That’ll save you from opening the door too early and getting a face full of steam.


    The InfoLight function lets you know when it’s safe to open your dishwasher. When you’ve got a programme running, a small LED light will project onto the floor, telling you that the programme is running. This saves you from guessing, and means you’ll never be greeted by an unpleasant steam sauna when you open the door.

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    Light on Floor

    Need to know at a quick glance if your dishwasher’s still running? That’s where the Light on Floor feature comes in. You can guess from the name, but it shines an orange indicator on the floor in front of the appliance when it’s in use. That way you’ll know exactly when it’s finished.