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    Dishwashers with intense clean


    Not only are dishwashers brilliant for helping us with the day-to-day washing up, but those with an intense cleaning programme really take the hard work out of cleaning heavily stained dishes. So, you can enjoy your Bolognese or Tikka Masala, and still have sparkling kitchenware.


    It blasts through stubborn grime

    An intensive cleaning programme uses hot water and high pressure to clean – like a pressure washer for your pots and pans. This means there’s no need to scrub them by hand, and you won’t find any flecks of dirt when the cycle’s finished.

    Brilliant for cleaning baby bottles

    Because intense settings generally use a higher temperature, you can trust them to boot out bacteria and any other nasties which makes them perfect for cleaning baby bottles. And the jet wash will get straight to the bottom, so they’ll get a deep clean without a bottle brush.

    Also look out for…


    Burnt-on food still stuck on your plates after washing? Powerclean Pro uses intense jets to clean off tough residue with concentrated blasts of water. That means clean crockery without the need for a second wash.

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    3D Zone wash

    Stubborn dirt sticking to your pans? 3D Zone Wash focuses on the toughest grime to blast your way to perfectly clean cookware. Two separate spray arms inside target the trickiest spots with ease from both the top and bottom, using 40% extra cleaning power. Or you can choose a more energy-efficient option that’ll give you the same results while saving you some pennies.

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    This dishwasher’s clever SatelliteClean® spray arm means you won’t have to give your crockery another scrub in the sink when a cycle ends. It distributes water across the whole interior, making sure to reach every corner and surface. So, your kitchenware comes out sparkling every time with no extra effort on your part.

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    Orbital wash system

    Smeg's Orbital wash system guarantees a more thorough clean for your pots and pans. Most dishwasher spray arms spray water in one direction continuously but the orbital wash system in this model uses an extra spray arm and a variety of rotations. This distributes water evenly throughout the dishwasher, ensuring that every corner and every edge are covered – leaving your dishes extra clean.

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