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    Dishwashers with Quick Wash


    Dishwashers are one of the most helpful appliances you can have in the kitchen. But you don’t always want to have to wait around for those dirty knives and forks to be sparkling again. This is where a quick wash setting comes in. It’ll clean a load in a much shorter space of time, making it great if you have a busy schedule.


    Always have a spoon to spare

    So, you’re having a dinner party and a last-minute guest has arrived. But what do you do if there’s no clean plates left? Easy, just pop on the quick cycle – you’ll have sparkling cookware in a jiffy and can set one more space at the dinner table pronto.

    Perfect for busy bees

    We’ve all had those days when we’re short on time, and hanging around waiting for the cookware to be clean isn’t an option. The quick wash setting is a great time saver – it’ll give you sparkling dishes before you know it.

    Also look out for…

    Express 45

    Got a couple of dishes to get through? The Express 45 programme means there's no need to break out the rubber gloves. Those plates and forks will still get a thorough clean iIn just 45 minutes, at an eco-friendly 45 degrees. Now, you can get a few items sparkling, without having to wait for a full machine.

    Super 50' 65°C

    No one likes waking up to last night’s dirty dishes. Thankfully, with the Super 50’ 65°C setting, that looming pile of pots will be cleaned up in a jiffy. It uses high temperatures to get everything from your pans to your plates cupboard-ready in just 50 minutes. Now that’s taken care of, we reckon it’s time for a brew.

    SpeedPerfect Plus

    Bosch’s SpeedPerfect+ feature gives you clean dishes and cutlery fast. Once you’ve chosen your desired programme using the control panel, just press the SpeedPerfect+ button and it’ll adjust the settings to make it 66% quicker. Because it never compromises on the quality of the wash, you’ll get the same fantastic results in less than half the time.

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    varioSpeed Plus

    The varioSpeed Plus function on this Siemens model washes your dishes up to three times faster. By cutting down the rinse time by more than half, you get the same high levels of cleaning and drying in a fraction of the time. This option is ideal when you need to clean a large amount of dishes or glasses in a hurry.

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