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    Smart Connected Dishwashers


    Washing up after dinner is even easier when you have a smart-connected dishwasher. Just download an app on your smartphone or tablet and start the wash cycle from the palm of your hand. So, if you’re busy packing school bags, or you’re in the garden enjoying the sun, you can still get the dishes sparkling.


    Let the dishwasher do the work

    With your dishwasher talking directly to your smartphone, you’ll hardly have to lift a finger and you definitely won’t be stuck in the kitchen. Watching a gripping film? Start the wash cycle from your sofa. Out walking the dog? You can keep an eye on the cycle and even change settings while you’re on the move.

    Add it to your smart home set-up

    Link the dishwasher to your WiFi, and you can connect it to Amazon Alexa for voice control. You can start a programme, adjust the settings, even order more detergent. And some models let you lock the dishwasher door from anywhere, which is a handy safety feature if you have young kids in the house.

    Also look out for…


    Enjoy more control over the washing with WifiConn@ct. Link the dishwasher to your WiFi, and you can connect it to Amazon Alexa for voice control, or start a programme from the smartphone app. Here, you can adjust the cycle, order more detergent and use AutoStart too. This lets you schedule washes, and it’ll send a notification before it begins, so you can quickly put any extra plates inside – for easy, convenient and flexible washing up.

    QuickSelect® with WiFi

    AEG’s QuickSelect® with WiFi makes it really easy to pick the perfect settings for your load. It’s got a stylish touch bar to precisely control the length of a cycle, and handy buttons with pre-set options. You can also connect it to your smartphone, so you can control it from your sofa.

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    LG ThinQ™ lets you control your dishwasher from your phone. Just install the free app and you can download new wash cycles, get reminders for maintenance, and get notifications to let you know when a wash is ending. Doing the dishes just got even easier.

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    Snap&Wash makes picking a cycle so much easier. Just load up the dishes, take a quick pic, and this nifty feature will detect how the position of everything, the materials, and how full the dishwasher is to find the best possible settings to get everything sparkling. Now that’s smart thinking.

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