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    Hobs with Heat Boost


    Whether you’re in a hurry to get out the door or have just got home extra hungry, a heat boost hob will be your new best friend. This clever feature is perfect for large pans and quick cooking, getting your pots up to temperature in record time. Fancy shaving some minutes of your mealtimes? Us too.


    You’ve just got home, and you want to collapse on the couch, but you’ve still got to make dinner. Enter: heat boost hobs. Because this nifty tech speeds up cooking, you’ll be relaxing with a bowl of noodles and your favourite box set before you know it.

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    If you’re heading out for a night at the movies, the PowerBoost function gives an extra burst of heat to help you cook faster. You might even get there in time for the trailers, because the water will be boiled and ready to go in under 90 seconds. So, you can throw the spaghetti in, enjoy your meal, and head for the cinema in no time. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

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    Thanks to the TwinBooster feature, you can cook quicker and enjoy your meal faster. By choosing this option, you’ll send the power from two zones into one area. This means you get powerful heat exactly when and where it’s needed. This means the zone will heat up in no time, and it’s great for flash frying too. So, you can always create delicious dishes without having to wait long for them.


    You’ll have dinner ready in no time, thanks to the Booster cooking zone. This rapidly heats up pots and pans so you’ll have boiling water ready fast – perfect for a last-minute snack or if you’re hungry after a long day at work.