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    Resolution Type

    Why is resolution important?

    A screen’s resolution is made up of thousands of tiny dots called pixels, and more pixels means better images. You’ll want a high resolution if you use your computer to play games, edit videos, or watch movies. But for basic stuff like work, social media and online shopping, a low resolution option is all you need.

    Resolution Types

    HD and HD+ 

    If you want a no-frills laptop, then an HD or HD+ resolution might be all you need. They’re detailed enough to let you see work, websites, and emails clearly. But if you use your computer for games or boxsets, you’ll be limited to a less detailed picture.


    Full HD

    Full HD, Full HD+ and WUXGA resolutions are the standard for most computer screens. A Full HD screen has 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. Full HD+ bumps this up to 2220x1080, while WUXGA is 1920x1200. They’re a great balance for all sorts, including gaming, watching movies and work.



    WQXGA and 2K

    WQGXA and 2K resolutions have twice the pixels of a Full HD, making them really sharp. While not as detailed as 4K, they’re normally smoother, so the screen will look stunning when the action heats up. That means you’ll catch even more detail when you’re gaming.



    Quad HD+ and 3K

    Quad HD+ and 3K resolutions are packed with 3 times the pixels of a Full HD display. If you’re a gamer, that means you’ll see much more detail in your favourite titles. They’re a great option if your budget doesn’t quite reach to a 4K screen.



    Retina displays are special LCD and OLED screens made by Apple for their computers and mobile devices. They follow the same pattern as other resolutions, so you can get Retina HD, Retina 4K, and even breathtaking Retina 5K for the sharpest visuals around.



    4K UHD and WUXGA

    4K and WQUXGA are some of the best. They’ve got 4 times as many pixels as Full HD models. That means everything will look super realistic, making them the top choice for gamers and film buffs.



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