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    Lawnmowers Buying Guide

    We all love the smell of freshly cut grass but getting that perfectly manicured lawn can be a lot of hard work if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Whether you have a tidy little front lawn that needs special care, or you want to tackle that big back yard in time for summer, we’ll help you choose a lawnmower that’s a cut above the rest.

    Choose your type


    A rotary lawnmower is a classic option for all proud garden owners out there. With a primary blade that rotates horizontally, these gardening tools are great for rough and uneven ground.

    Ideal for small to medium gardens


    Lightweight and easy to use, hover lawnmowers glide across your lawn on a soft cushion of air. With one of these, cutting the grass is a breeze, and they’re perfect for a short and dry lawn that just needs a shape up.

    Ideal for small gardens

    Robotic lawnmowers

    Why cut the grass when you can get a robotic lawnmower to do it for you? Just lay a boundary wire around the area you want to cut, and these battery powered tools will do the rest. Once they’re done they’ll return to their dock, and most models come fitted with anti-theft tech, so they’ll never go missing.

    Ideal for small to medium gardens


    Ditch the cables with a battery powered cordless lawnmower. These models will let you cut through the whole lawn without anything pulling you back. And you can choose between both rotary and hover options for the best fit.

    Ideal for large gardens

    Key features

    Grass collection boxes

    If you want to make cutting the grass simple and pain free, look out for a lawnmower with a grass collection box. They fit onto the back of your lawnmower and collect all the grass shavings, so you don’t have too.


    Lawnmowers can be pretty clunky, so you need to make sure you find one that can be stored away nicely. Hover models can usually fold down, making them easier to store, and robotic lawnmowers come with a docking station to keep them out of the way when they’re not needed.

    Cutting height

    A lawnmower’s cutting height lets you adjust how much length you cut off from your lawn. A lot of mowers have adjustable blades, but some have a handy lever that makes it really simple to move the blades up and down. This makes it easy to choose how short you want your grass to be.

    Cutting width

    Cutting width relates to how much grass a lawnmowers blade can cut in one spin. If you have a large garden then it’s best to have a cutting blade width that spans over 400mm. When you have a smaller garden space to take care of, a cutting width of up to 320mm is ideal.

    Stripe effects

    If you want to jazz up your lawn, look out for a lawnmower with a set of rear rollers. As you cut the grass, the rollers will leave behind a striking stripe effect that’s easy on the eye.

    Running time

    Cordless models are great because you’re not held back by cables. For uninterrupted mowing, make sure you have a few extra lawnmower batteries on hand so you can switch it up when one runs out.

    WiFi enabled

    Most robotic lawnmowers can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, usually through an accompanying app. This means you can enjoy complete control over the lawn, while putting your feet up at the same time.

    Looking after your garden

    While lawnmowers will keep your lawn in tip-top shape, if you’re a proud gardener there are a few other essential tools to get your hands on.

    • Grass trimmers: Perfect for blasting through pesky weeds and neatening up the sides of your lawn.
    • Hedge trimmers: Whether you just want to straighten up your garden hedges or come up with something a little more creative, a good hedge trimmer is a must.
    • Leaf blowers: Keep your garden looking its best no matter the season with a powerful leaf blower.


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