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    Lawnmowers Buying Guide

    Here are the top 7 things to look for when buying a new lawnmower.

    We all love the smell of freshly cut grass but getting that perfectly manicured lawn can be a lot of hard work if you don’t have the right tool for the job. Whether you have a tidy little front lawn that needs special care or you want to tackle that big back yard in time for summer, we’ll help you choose a lawnmower that’s a cut above the rest.

    What type of garden do you have?

    Before your green fingers start tingling you’ll need to consider a few things when choosing the perfect mower.

    • Lawn size – Whether you’ve got a little patch of grass or a garden the size of a football pitch, there is a mower that’s fit for the job. From something small and light for effortless mowing to heavy duty machines that will cut any lawn down to size.
    • Storage – Finding a secure space for your mower can be very important, so always check if a larger model will easily fit inside your shed or garage.
    • Power source – Check where the nearest electricity point is in relation to your lawn before you choose. Don’t worry if there’s not one nearby, as there are plenty of cordless mowers to suit any type of garden.

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    What is the best lawnmower fuel type for you?

    There are a few of different fuel types available, with options that will suit all sizes of garden and storage space.

    • Corded electric – These lawnmowers are plugged in to your mains electric, meaning you’ll never need to worry about running out of power. Just make sure you’ve got a long enough cable to reach every corner of your lawn. Then simply plug it in and go.
    • Cordless electric – They’re powered by electric batteries, which means if your garden is a little bit bigger than average these portable models will be exactly what you need. They’re easy to charge and because the Lithium-ion battery holds the energy for longer, they’ll be ready to mow when you are.
    • Petrol – When you need to pack a bit more power but still want freedom of movement then a petrol powered lawnmower is the perfect choice. They’re a bit heavier than battery powered models but because a full tank of petrol lasts longer than a battery, they can keep mowing and mowing and mowing.

    Rotary lawnmowers

    A rotary lawnmower is the classic option for all proud garden owners out there. These models use a horizontal disc and blades underneath that can cut nearly any type of grass, even if it is long and overgrown.

    They’re great if your lawn is on a slope with some models having powered wheels to make it much easier to push. You can choose from lots of electric and petrol models depending on what fuel type is best for you. All you need to worry about is the ideal place to set your new garden furniture.

    Hover lawnmowers

    If you want to glide across your lawn on a soft cushion of air then a hover lawnmower is just what you need. These models are light and easy to move around because it’s raised off the ground with air, which is great if you’re in a rush to tidy the garden ready for that fun BBQ party. They’re great for uneven surfaces and odd shaped lawns but work best when cutting short and dry grass. So, it will be easy to keep your lawn ship shape all summer long.

    Robotic lawnmowers

    Take your gardening into the future with a high tech robotic lawnmower. You’ll never need to break a sweat again with these amazing battery powered garden bots that are great for all types of lawns. All you need to do is lay a boundary wire around the area you want to mow and it will find the best way to cut your lawn. You can even program them to start up at any time night and day, come rain or shine. And when it’s finished, it’ll simply return to its charging dock to charge. Most models are fitted with anti-theft tech, meaning you’ll never need to worry about leaving them alone to get the job done. So, you can hit the sun lounger, sip an ice cool lemonade and simply watch as your grass is cut to perfection.

    What size lawnmower do you need?

    There’s two really important things to look at with the dimensions of your mower.

    • Cutting height – A lot of mowers have adjustable blades but some have a handy lever that makes it really simple to move the blades up and down. This makes it easy to choose how short you want your grass to be. If you only mow the lawn every now and then, it can be set higher to tackle longer grass.
    • Cutting width – If you have a large garden then it’s best to have a cutting blade width that spans over 400mm. When you have a smaller garden space to take care of a cutting width of up 320mm is ideal. Always check if the mower width will fit through the tightest spaces on your lawn and can be easily stored as well.

    Grass collection boxes

    There are lots of lawnmowers that have grass collection boxes available to make your gardening adventure run smoothly. These collection boxes are fitted to the back of the machine to catch any clippings straight after cutting. Keep an eye out for models that have a window in the box, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ve collected and when you need to top up your compost heap.

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