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    Ovens with Sensor-controlled cooking


    Ovens with sensor controls give you the best results by doing the hard work for you. Some come with a temperature probe so you can get the perfect finish on your meat and fish. Others select the best settings to match your meal, others turn the heat off when your food is ready. Whichever one you choose, mealtimes just got a whole lot easier.


    Delicious dinners every time

    Sensors help take the guesswork out of cooking. They keep an eye on the time and temperature, so you don’t have to work out the best settings.

    Say goodbye to burnt bits

    With this nifty tech giving you a helping hand, you can be sure all your dishes come out looking perfect. Every corner of your sponge cakes and pasta bakes gets the same amount of heat, so you can wave off burnt edges and soggy middles. That’s a relief, isn’t it?

    Also look out for...

    roastingSensor Plus

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just learning the ropes, roastingSensor Plus is a must for any budding chef. It has not one, not two, but three sensors that measure the core temperature of your food, so you’ll always know when it’s cooked the way you like it. That’ll help you serve up your meals to utter perfection.


    With innovative TasteControl, you’ll never overcook the dinner again. It has 2 functions – Rapid Cooling automatically opens the oven door slightly when your meal’s ready. Helped by a clever ventilation system, the temperature reduces by 100 degrees in under 5 minutes, to stop any further cooking. The second Keep Warm function works in the same way, but then holds food at the temperature you decide, keeping it hot until you’re ready to serve.

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    6th SENSE

    Cook up perfect meals every single time with this Whirlpool oven’s 6th SENSE technology. Simply select the type of food you’re cooking along with its weight and it’ll automatically adjust the settings for mouth-watering meals without the fuss. That means you won’t have to hover around the kitchen, letting you put your feet up until everything’s ready.

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