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    Steam cooking


    Whether you're trying to stay healthy or have a bake off to win, an oven with steam cooking will take your creations to the next level. The hot vapour surrounds your ingredients, gently heating them from every angle. This leaves each dish packed with flavour and looking just like those pictures in the recipe book. It’s a fool-proof way to cook like a pro.


    A healthy option

    Want to get the most out of your food? Cooking with steam means there’s no need to add moisture using extra fats or oil. And since there’s less chance of overcooking, all those healthy nutrients get locked in. It’s a double win for healthier mealtimes.

    Packed with flavour

    Let’s be honest, no one’s a fan of bland veg. Steam cooking makes that a problem of the past. It’s gentle on your ingredients, so everything from your broccoli to your squash will have irresistible texture and flavour. It’ll be so delicious even the kids can’t turn their noses up.

    Perfect for bakers

    Trying your hand at a new ciabatta recipe? With this feature, the hot steam cooks the dough from every angle, leaving your loaves with a fluffy middle, crunchy crust and perfect rise. You’ll get the same amazing results with cakes too – time to don your chef whites and get baking.

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    Hisense Steam Add

    Are your loaves more like rocks? Steam Add is here to help. Simply pop some water into the bottom tray and hot air will turn it to steam. This is then spread throughout the oven, cooking the bread from every angle. Now your sourdough will come out perfectly risen, with a soft middle and irresistible crust. Time to find the butter.

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    AEG SteamBake

    Enjoy irresistibly crusty loaves and fluffy cupcakes thanks to AEG’s SteamBake function. All you have to do is add water into the bottom of the oven, and select the programme. This will turn it into steam and create a humid environment inside the cavity. Because the steam locks moisture into your food and encourages dough to rise, breads and cakes are full of flavour and utterly delicious every time.

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    Also look out for...


    Turn&Go Steam

    Indesit's Turn&Go Steam setting is great for getting the most out of bread, meat, fish – and for making cooking that little bit healthier. All you have to do is pour water into the cavity at the bottom of the oven, set the temperature and you’re good to go. Get ready to tuck into those crispy chicken wings.

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    Natural Steam

    Lock in moisture for tasty results: With the natural steam function, you can say goodbye to dried out meals. Just pop the special tray on the bottom of the oven with some water – it’ll produce steam while dinner’s cooking, leaving that roast chicken with crispy skin and irresistibly juicy meat. So, you can enjoy delicious meals every time, and the best part is, you get to take all the credit.

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    Steam & Infuse™

    Enjoy tender pulled pork and aromatic skewers with Stoves’ Steam & Infuse™. Just add either water, stock or spices into the dish, and choose the right programme from the menu. Because the liquid is turned into steam, moisture is locked in and flavours are encouraged to develop. It also reduces cooking times by up to 20%, so you’ll never be waiting long for that first bite.

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    Plus Steam

    If lumpy loaves are getting you down, the PlusSteam function has the answer. Simply pour 250ml of water into the special cavity at the base of the oven and select the PlusSteam function. Set your desired temperature, leave it for 10 minutes, then pop in your dough. The end result? Golden brown on the outside, fluffy and white on the inside. All that’s left to do is wipe away any excess moisture once you’re done. Tasty.