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    Tablet & E-reader Buying Guide

    Tablets are kind of like the underrated star of the tech world. With the right model, you can stream, read, work or play on the go for hours and hours. With loads of great models out there, we’ll help you whittle down the choices and find the perfect one.

    Types of tablet


    If you’ve got an iPhone, you’ll instantly recognise Apple’s tablet offering. A lot of the higher-end models can actually rival some laptops, so they’re perfect for working while you’re out and about.

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    Models from top brands like Samsung, Lenovo and Huawei are all examples of Android tablets. There’s one for everyone but most are super easy to use and great for all sorts of techy bits and bobs.

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    If you can’t abandon your trusty keyboard, a 2-in-1 model might be just the thing you’re looking for. You can use this powerful tech as a regular laptop when you’re typing out a perfectly prepared email and flip it round when a more delicate touch is needed.

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    Operating system

    Apple iOS

    iPhone users will already be familiar with iOS. It uses the voice assistant Siri and can even communicate with other Apple devices so you can pick up where you left off on other devices.


    Made by the folks at Google, this is the most common tablet OS. It’ll come pre-installed with classics like YouTube, but you’ll be able to download all sorts of apps on the Google Play Store.


    Models like the Microsoft Surface are part laptop and it uses the Windows operating system so chances are you’ve used it before. It’s totally flexible, so you can easily use it with a keyboard or just let your fingers do the talking.

    Key features

    Screen size

    Our range starts at about 7 inches and goes up to 10. Smaller models are like large smartphones and are perfect for kids, while larger ones are great for bingeing boxsets and playing games.

    Screen resolution

    Like your TV, higher resolutions have more pixels on screen and more pixels mean better quality screens. Apple tends to lead the way, but a lot of models will come with Full HD, so it’ll still show films in great detail.

    Processing power

    This determines how quick your tablet is and how fast it can open up the apps you want to use. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for how much RAM there is. The more there is, the better it is for things like gaming and editing.


    Measured in gigabytes (GB), this tells you how much data you can fit inside your tablet. But don’t worry about the actual size; it’ll always stay its sleek and stylish self.

    Battery life

    If you’re out and about a lot, battery life is going to be important. Our tablets will give you 5-15 hours, so make sure you won’t be caught short on the commute to work.


    All our tablets are Wi-Fi enabled to download apps and call your nearest and dearest. They’ll also have a slot to charge up with, but they might not have USB ports or headphone jacks. Make sure you know exactly what kind of accessories you can use the tablet with.


    It’s probably not as good as your smartphone, but tablets with a 12-megapixel camera will still get some great looking snaps. Just promise not to hold up your tablet at a gig, ok?


    Honestly, we could talk for days about the kind of apps you can get for your tablet. You can watch movies, listen to music, write a novel, get help sleeping, edit photos, play games, grab some recipe inspiration…you get the idea. There’s a lot.

    Tablets for children

    A lot of our tablets will have apps for kids pre-installed and there’s loads of parental controls you can set to limit how much they can use it for. Look out for a range of tablets made just for kids too. They come in a range of bold colours and are made to withstand a lot more bumps and drops than usual.

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