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    Tumble Dryers with Machine Clean


    If your dryer is starting to smell like an unwashed gym kit, you need a model with machine clean tech. This nifty feature keeps the tumble dryer free from bacteria and dirt that causes unwanted smells. So, take that clothes peg off your nose, grab a brew and have a browse – we’re sure to have what you need.


    A machine that cleans itself

    What’s worse than a smelly tumble dryer? Having to wash it by hand. Thankfully, with machine clean tech, you just need to push a button and wait. It does all the dirty work for you, so you can put the scrubber down and your feet up.

    Gives your laundry some extra TLC

    Because machine clean tech sends germs packing, you don’t have to worry about bacteria transferring to your clothes. Now you can rest easy knowing everything from your running gear to your little one’s PJs are free of lingering nasties.

    Also look out for...

    Auto Clean

    Tired of constantly clearing out your dryer’s filter? AutoClean makes that a problem of the past. Clever tech automatically cleans away laundry fluff, moving it into a collector that only needs emptying after 20 cycles. Now that’s taken care of, time to grab a brew and pop your feet up. 

    Auto-cleaning condenser

    Tired of picking fluff from your tumble dryer? No worries. Thanks to Hotpoint’s Auto-cleaning condenser, you won’t have to. It rinses several times during the cycle, keeping it free from any lint. Now your machine will keep running smoothly, and you can take another chore off your list.

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    Auto-cleaning Condenser

    LG’s clever Auto Cleaning Condenser system takes the hard work out of keeping your machine clean. After every cycle, powerful jets blast away any lint and dirt that’s built up inside the drum, making sure your laundry comes out as clean and fresh as possible. That saves you from doing it yourself when you’d rather put your feet up.

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    selfCleaning Condenser

    The selfCleaning Condenser keeps your machine working perfectly. Using clever sensors, it collects lint into a handy filter. This helps the machine dry more efficiently, saving you time and money – just don’t forget to empty the filter after each cycle. A programme that keeps your dryer and bank balance happy, double win.