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    TVs with Enhanced Audio


    Hearing is believing with these TVs. They got loads of amazing tech built in that’ll do a whole lot more than just play audio. These models take soaring movie scores to new heights, put you in the middle of the action with 3D surround sound, and even add an extra layer of crunchy bass you can really feel. Tasty.


    Get immersed in the story

    TVs with Dolby Audio tech like Dolby Atmos® make you the centre of every scene. By adding a height channel to the mix, they give you more clarity and depth that you’ll be able to hear all around you.

    A home theatre experience

    If you’ve got a soundbar, then a TV with Q-Symphony or Bravia Sync tech is one way take your experience to the next level. It lets all kinds of speakers work together for audio with much more impact, even the ones on your TV.

    Matches what you’re watching

    Some TVs are equipped with tech that
    follows the action across the screen, pinpointing exactly where audio comes from. That means you’ll hear everything as it’s supposed to be.

    Also look out for…

    Object Tracking Sound Lite

    Object Tracking Sound LITE technology makes it feel like the actions playing out all around you. It analyses exactly what’s making a noise on the screen and then projects the audio so it seems like it’s coming from that direction in your room. This way, you’ll get wrapped up in every moment, just like you would at the cinema.

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    AI Sound

    Lifeless audio spoiling your shows? AI Sound has you covered. Its clever tech can recognise genres and adjust the sound for the best listening experience. It’ll feel like you’re soaring through the clouds alongside your favourite action stars.

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    Sound by Onkyo

    Need a TV that looks good and sounds good? Then pick a model with Sound by Onkyo. This clever tech features incredible speakers combined with Dolby Audio Processing, so you’ll be blown away by the mighty power of an on-screen storm and engrossed in whispered conversations in the latest crime thriller. It’s so smart, it even adjusts the volume to suit what’s on, so you don’t need to keep finding the remote.

    Acoustic Surface Audio+

    Didn’t quite catch that? Muffled sound breaks immersion and could mean missing vital plot points in the latest and greatest flicks. Thanks to Acoustic Surface Audio+, you can enjoy encompassing, direct sound, with nifty tech positioned behind the screen for a more immediate, direct listening experience. Now there’s no replaying scenes to hear what your favourite character just whispered.

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