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    TVs with Gallery Mode


    Whatever your setup, TVs are as much a piece of furniture as your favourite chair. When not in use, these models let you transform a dull blank screen into something beautiful. Whether it’s your favourite piece of art or a pic of your furry friend, TVs with Gallery Mode add a touch of style to your living room.


    Stylishly blends in with your space

    Nobody wants their new TV to stick out like a sore thumb. The special Gallery Mode lets you pop up your favourite artwork or photos, so your very own silver screen also serves as a conversation piece. You can even take a picture of your wallpaper and have your TV seamlessly blend into the wall – get creative with it.

    Enjoy a rotation of artwork

    The problem with paintings is that they never change. With Gallery Mode, you can always switch things up in a flash, with some models letting you line up an album of pictures for it to flick through. Consider your living room an ever-changing work of art.

    Also look out for…

    Ambient Mode+

    Ambient Mode+ turns your TV into a beautiful focal point when you aren’t watching it. You can use the handy phone app to make the screen look like the wallpaper or paint behind it, and even display digital photos over the top. It can even show you the weather forecast if you fancy, or even the latest headlines. So, you’ll have a perfectly integrated TV on your wall that’s always useful, instead of a black box interrupting your décor.

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    Living Décor

    Big TVs aren’t the prettiest things when you’re not using them. Living Décor lets you blend it in with your living room, giving you the option to upload your choice of artwork or photo albums to cycle through. For the minimalists, you can even take a picture of the wall behind your monitor and have it display that – it’ll be like your TV was never there.