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    Wine coolers with UV protection


    We all know the sun can damage things, whether that’s your skin, plants or even the pages of a book. Well, it’s the same story for wine. But don’t stress – thanks to clever UV protection, your vino is safe. This tech stops those pesky rays getting at your bottles, keeping all those reds, whites and rosés in perfect condition.


    Keep the taste in your tipple

    Ever wondered why your bottle of white doesn’t look quite right? Or maybe that Shiraz you just poured tastes different? That could be because of the sun. Thankfully, UV protection stops any damage, keeping the flavours, aromas and the appearance of wine on point. No more funky flavours or dull colours, just delicious vino everytime.

    A collector’s paradise

    So, you know that the sun can damage your wine, but you want to show off your collection? That’s no problem with UV protection. No matter where your wine cooler is positioned, you can display those bottles loud and proud without compromising on flavour. It’s time to pop the cork, pour yourself a drink and admire that vintage.

    Wine coolers with UV protection