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4K HDR gaming with PS4 Pro

Discover everything you need to know about gaming with incredibly realistic 4K HDR graphics.

If you’re looking at how you can take your console gaming to the next level, we’ve got you covered. With incredibly lifelike graphics, vibrant colours and silky smooth visuals, 4K HDR-enabled consoles like the PlayStation 4 Pro super-charges your gaming. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly what 4K HDR means, and how it turns playing in your living room to feeling like you’re actually in the game.

What does 4K HDR mean?

Let’s get the jargon-busting out of the way. 4K’s main job is to deliver an insanely detailed picture, while HDR (High Dynamic Range) works on giving you a huge palette of colours. Once this dream team gets together, you get incredibly lifelike films, TV shows and most importantly, games. Whether you’re adventuring through space, blazing round a track or competing in a cup final, a 4K HDR console like the PS4 Pro lets you game the way you’re supposed to.

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The future of gaming

With the PS4 Pro, you’re no longer stuck in your bedroom. You’re clinching the league title in front of 50,000 fans, zipping past rivals in the latest Ferrari or making the first steps on an unknown planet. The incredible amount of detail in this 4K HDR console means that close-up textures are more lifelike, while darker shadows give your games a greater sense of depth. Every alien world, sold-out stadium and impossibly fast car is as realistic as possible, so you’re completely immersed in the centre of the action.

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Gear up for 4K HDR

A powerful console needs a TV to match. With a 4K HDR enabled TV, PS4 games display a huge range of colours, giving you an unbelievably lifelike experience. And it’s not only your games that will benefit. With a PS4 Pro, you’ll be able to watch the hottest films and TV shows like you’ve never seen before with a whole host of entertainment apps, like Netflix, YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

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