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    Gifts for the DIY Enthusiast

    Whether you’ve got an Aunt that’ll turn her hand to any DIY project, or a Dad that spends his weekends tinkering away in the shed, this guide has the lo-ho-ho-down on the best gifts for them. So, even if you’re not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to crafts, you’ll really be able to nail their present this year.

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    For all your drilling needs

    Black + Decker BDCHD181B3A-GB Hammer Drill Including Accessories

    A Black and Decker hammer drill is the wish on every DIYers lips. This powerful tool will have no problem screwing through hard materials, like brick and concrete, meaning this will be fit for different jobs all around the house. And if you’re lucky, they might thank you by putting up those shelves you’ve still not got around to.

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    Check out all its cool tricks

    Battery powered

    With a cordless design, there won’t be any cables dangling in the way while they’re working. And as there’s no wires holding them back, they’ll be free to go and sip their drink when they’re having a well-deserved break.

    2 speeds

    With a high and low speed setting, they can choose how fast to go at each project. High speed is ideal for drilling quick holes into a piece of wood, while the low speed gives them greater control over a screw when they’re tightening it up, so it won’t go into the wood wonky.

    Includes 120 drill bits

    They won’t be limited to one job with 120 drill bits. From making a standard size hole in a wall to loosening up an unusual looking screw, all the accessories will have their moment to shine.

    LED light

    The LED light is the Rudolph to their sleigh, helping them see exactly what they’re doing in the dark. When the gloomy evenings draw closer, they’ll still be able to get little bits done around the garden, so it’s ready for spring.

    For all your sanding needs

    Black + Decker KA2500K-GB Sander

    A sander is an absolute dream for anyone who loves a good upcycling project. From a chest of drawers to rocking chairs, it will help strip off old paint and smooth out any splinters. With this in their stocking, they’ll be tearing open the wrapping paper faster than Grandpa dozes off after Christmas dinner.

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    All its best bits

    Lightweight and compact design

    Sanding down tall objects won’t be a workout thanks to its lightweight design. So, they’ll be able to reach the top of a wardrobe or stretch along a bannister without it straining their arm and sucking all the fun out of their hobby.

    Micro filtration dust canister

    Their workbench will be kept tidy with this clever piece of tech. When they’re sanding away, this will suck up any dust, leaving their masterpiece clean before they give it a lick of paint.

    Includes 9 different attachments

    With loads of different attachments, they’ll have everything they need to sand over large areas or between small spaces. From spindles on chairs to grooves in an ottoman chest, this will help them tackle all kinds of furniture to put around the house.

    Mesh sanding sheets

    The clever design on the sheets mean they’ll last four times longer than a regular piece of sandpaper. This means the pennies that would be spent on replacements can be put towards a new upcycling vision.

    The dynamic duo

    Black + Decker BCK25S2S-GB 18 Volts Combi Bundle

    No DIY lover will be able to put projects into action without this powerful pair. The drill is ideal for all the odd jobs, like fixing the curtain rail and sticking up shelves, while the driver is a lifesaver when it comes to the minefield of flatpack furniture. And with all the handy features, the elves will be picking up their own to use around the workshop.

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    Check out their features...

    Anti-slip handle

    With clever handles, the tools won’t go flying out of anyone’s hand. When they’re drilling at a high speed or screwing at a weird angle, the firm grip will prevent any evening trips to A&E.

    All-metal gear casing

    Since the casing is made out of metal, both the drill and driver will be able to take bumps and hits without breaking. So, if a hammer is accidentally dropped on one of them, or Santa hits a bit of turbulence on his journey, they’ll still work at their very best.

    Small soft bag

    When they’re hanging up a few bits for a neighbour, they can carry their kit over in this bag. This means that when they’re on the way home, they’ll still have a hand free to bring back their ‘thank you’ drinks.

    2-year warranty

    They both come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. Giving you that extra peace of mind, you can rest easy knowing you’ve bought a solid gift that can be used for years to come.

    A toolbox staple

    Hyundai HY2175 18 Volts Cordless Combi Drill

    Whether they’ve just found their love of DIY through buying their first house, or their old model is on its last legs, this is just what needs adding to their set of tools. As soon as the Christmas break is over, they’ll be itching to get stuck into all the jobs around the home and try out all its features. A win-win for everyone!

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    Why this model?

    Reverse setting

    We’ve all done it – got halfway through a big build and then realised you’ve gone wrong (cue: blaming the instructions). Well, with the reverse setting, they’ll be able to loosen up any screws to fix their little mistake.

    Recharges in 3-5 hours

    When it’s running low on battery, it’ll only take 3-5 hours to recharge. Once they’ve finished with it for the day, they can just pop it on its base, and it’ll be raring to go in the morning.

    89 piece drill bit and accessory kit

    Whether they need to cut out the perfect circle in a piece of wood, or tighten up a screw on a cupboard hinge, this has 89 drill bits to help them out. So, whatever they choose to get stuck into that day, they’ll be able to get straight into it, without having to stop off at the hardware store.

    Storage case

    This case will feed any organisation obsession. The tool, accessories and drill bits all have their individual homes. This makes it really easy for them to find the piece they need for the job and reminds them to put everything back in the right place, meaning they won’t lose anything.