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    How to fit your TV

    Ready for some big nights in with a new TV but aren’t sure how to set it up? Our handy step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to know. We’ll take you through picking the best spot to put it, how to connect it, and linking it up to your other devices. You’ll be munching the popcorn with a blockbuster in no time.

    Find the perfect spot

    Everyone wants the best seat in the house, but your TV won’t be much use if you can’t get it linked up. Our handy video will show you what to look for when working out which is the best spot for your TV, like making sure it’ll be near plug sockets, and if it can be wall-mounted or needs to be on a stand.

    What you need to get your TV in place


    Before you choose the type of brackets to mount your TV, you need to think about how much you want your TV to be able to move. Fixed mounts keep everything in place with just enough room for cables, while tilting models are great for changing the viewing angle just enough to get rid of glare or if your TV’s high up. But if you like to switch things up and have a big, open space, full motion wall mounts are for you. They let you tilt your TV, move it away from the wall, and even change the direction it’s facing.


    If you don’t want to mount your TV on the wall and you have the room, a stand is the way to go. They’re practical and stylish, and most models have plenty of storage space too – perfect for consoles, boxsets and movie collections.


    We have lots of accessories to complete your setup. Looking to link up a console to your TV? An HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect external devices. Or if you’re kitting out an attic conversion, a WiFi booster will make sure you still have a strong connection for all your online streaming and gaming.

    DIY Tools

    Wall-mounting a TV can be tricky, and needs a bit more than just a hammer and nails to fix it in place safely. If you want to install your TV yourself but need a new drill or screwdriver to get the job done, have a look at our range of power tools here.

    How to set up your TV

    TVs are getting cleverer all the time, and there’s a bit more to getting a new one started than just plugging it in these days. That’s why we’ve made this helpful video. It’ll take you a through a few simple steps to make sure you get the most out of your brand new TV.

    What will you be connecting to your TV?

    Soundbar or cinema system

    Nothing beats having your own private cinema – you don’t even have to worry about expensive snacks. But there’s a few things you need to get cinema systems and soundbars up and running. Your best option is an HDMI cable that’ll fit an HDMI to HDMI ARC port. It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X tech, which fills the room with crisp and clear audio that comes at you from every angle.

    Console and Blu-Ray player

    Whether you’re gaming or sitting back with your movie collection, there are some extras you’ll need to link up your console or Blu-ray player. An HDMI 2.1 cable is the best option, making sure your devices aren’t just linked up, but everything on-screen always looks its best too.

    Laptop or phone

    Want to watch your videos on a bigger screen? You’ve got a couple of options to connect your phone or laptop to your TV. An HDMI cable is perfect for linking up a laptop, or if you’re using a mobile, a USB cable will work great. You can even do this wirelessly too with AirPlay or Chromecast, so you can stay comfortable on the sofa.

    Smart tech

    Any sort of smart tech will need a WiFi connection to get it linked up to your TV – that’s why it’s worth thinking about a WiFi extender if your TV’s going to be far away from your router. If you’re wanting to use things like streaming services, you might need to download the app onto your TV first.


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