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Wired vs. Wireless speakers

Discover which is right for you.

It's an epic bout between two juggernauts. In one corner we have the new kid on the block, the wireless speaker. There's plenty of hype surrounding wireless technology, but can it match up to its old foe, the tried and tested wired speaker? It's old school vs new school. Let's check out the tale of the tape and weigh up both contenders.

Sound quality

  • Wired – all those toe-tapping beats travel directly through a wire, giving you uninterrupted, high-quality sound every time you listen.
  • Wireless – because you’re relying on the strength of a wireless signal, a portion of sound will be lost as your tunes travel to the speaker – no matter how powerful it is. But, you have the freedom to place a wireless model wherever you like. Placement in any room is key to getting the acoustics right and creating amazing sound.

Round 1 – it’s a tightly fought affair, but the wired speaker wins the first encounter.


If you’re always on the move and can’t be without your favourite playlist, wireless is the way to go. With no restricting wires, you can take the music anywhere – whether that’s to bed, to the bathroom, to the beach or beyond.

Round 2 – what a comeback! Sorry wired, the wireless speaker takes this one comfortably.

Building a sound system

For some, one speaker isn’t enough and the idea of building your own system in different rooms is heaven. As a wired system grows, it becomes harder to connect more than one audio source to each speaker. Wires dangling everywhere – no thanks. It’s a lot simpler with a wireless speakers. In most cases, you just need to add more receivers as you add more speakers and setup is simple.

Round 3 – in the final and crucial round, wireless speakers grab the glory!

You decide!

So, we’ve given the belt to the wireless speakers. But, everyone buys speakers for different reasons and you might not necessarily agree with us (it’s okay, we won’t be offended, promise…). We’ll leave it up to the real judges – you!