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What is Xbox One X Enhanced?

Find out more about Xbox One X Enhanced gaming.

The Xbox One X is an amazing piece of kit, but to make sure you get the best gaming experiences, you’ll need games that were designed to really push the tech to its limits. Read on to discover the benefits of Xbox One X Enhanced titles, and which ones you’ll want to pick up to fully enjoy The World’s Most Powerful Console.

So what is it?

To make sure you’re getting the full Xbox One X experience, you’ll want to look out for games that have been specially built or updated for the console. These are given the Xbox One X Enhanced logo, so you’ll know they’ll look and run even better on your Xbox One X.

A new level of detail

The majority of Xbox One X Enhanced games have been optimised with a higher resolution and improved graphics to give you the ultimate picture quality. You’ll enjoy breath-taking levels of detail, often in stunning 4K with incredible HDR colour, as games come to life right before your eyes.

Amazing performance

For the gamers that are always left craving more from their titles, Xbox One X Enhanced games have been modified with faster load times to deliver high power performance. You’ll be able to start playing sooner, with less time waiting for the next levels to load.

Improved frame rates

Say goodbye to annoying judders in-game, as most Xbox One X Enhanced titles use the power of the console to enjoy better frame rates. This may mean maintaining the same frame rate with less drops, or a higher frame rate for smoother animations. Whether you’re racing around Silverstone or diving to the depths of the ocean, you’ll play games that look flawless.

All the best titles

You’ll be able to find out which titles have been optimised for epic gameplay by checking for the Xbox One X Enhanced logo in the image gallery on our product page.

Some of the most popular Xbox One X Enhanced games include:

  • Sea of Thieves
  • FIFA 18
  • Call of Duty: World War II
  • Forza 7
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Shadow of War
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