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    It's easy being green with smart tech

    You might have noticed energy prices are on the up for everyone, but don’t worry, we’ve put our heads together and come up with some tips and tricks to soften the blow. From heating and laundry to your morning brekkie, we’ll show you how just a few little changes to your routine can make a big difference.


    Nothing beats coming back to a toasty house, and there are plenty of ways to keep everyone warm without racking up the pennies or asking your furry friends for extra cuddles. Having the heating on for short bursts every now and then works well, or you can keep it off when no-one’s home. Simple, right? But if you don’t fancy waiting for the living room to warm up after a long day at work, smart heating can make sure you’re comfortable the moment you step inside. With a tap of your smartphone, you can set timers, change the temperature, and see much energy you’re using.


    We all know about turning lights off for rooms we’re not in, but everyone forgets to flick the switch every now and then. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to make sure nothing gets accidentally left on. With smart lights, your smartphone is all you need to turn them on or off – perfect when you’re on your hols or simply tucked up in bed. LED lights are great too, lasting longer and using far less energy than older halogen or incandescent bulbs.

    Smart Plugs

    Smart plugs make it super-easy to keep costs down. Forget the nightly routine of going round the house to switch everything off – you can turn off lamps, consoles, and everything in between from your smartphone in one go. Your TV won’t be accidentally left in standby mode again any time soon.

    Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

    Heat pump tumble dryers are some of the most efficient around, making sure you always have an eco-friendly laundry day. Instead of getting rid of hot air through a vent, heat pump models take that hot air and recycle it to dry your clothes. They might take a little bit more time to get the job done, but your wallet will definitely thank you in the long run.

    Washing Machines

    When it comes to washing machines, the quickest way to take care of your bills, and your clothes, is to look at the energy rating. They range from A-G, with A-rated machines being the most efficient. If yours is towards the bottom of the scale, it might be worth thinking about swapping it for a new one. You can give your bank balance even more of a helping hand by picking eco mode or quick wash programmes too. And instead of a laundry day, how about a laundry night? Energy rates are cheaper overnight, making it the perfect time to tackle that stained shirt.

    Fridge Freezers

    Ok, so you can’t exactly turn the fridge on and off, but there are ways it can help to keep your energy bills down – besides making sure the door’s closed properly. Defrosting the fridge and keeping on top of icy build-ups is an easy way to make sure your appliance keeps working properly without needing to use any extra energy, and we have plenty of models with automatic defrosting that’ll do the job for you. Fridges with a holiday mode are perfect when you’re on your travels as well. Because there won’t be any groceries inside, this option raises the temperature so it doesn’t need to work as hard. If you choose the holiday mode on a fridge freezer, it’ll keep the freezer going but turn the fridge off.


    Everyone loves a morning cuppa, but more pennies on your bills can leave a bad taste in your mouth. The easiest way to save energy with your kettle is to only use the water you need – those extra drops add up. This doesn’t just cut down on wasted water, but it also means your kettle doesn’t have to work as hard to get it up to the boil.

    So, there you have it – just a few simple tips to make every day that little bit more efficient, so you can use your gadgets (with some of our recommendations) to stop more of your well-earned cash trickling into energy bills. Use those extra pennies to treat yourself instead.