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    Money-munching appliances

    With energy prices on the up, finding those little ways to save has never been more important. But did you know your home electricals can make using less power an uphill struggle? We’ll show you why they might be the reason your energy bills are creeping up, and how some small changes can help out your wallet.


    Tapping the remote to put your TV in standby mode is easy, but it won’t turn it off completely. TVs in standby mode still use a little bit of power, so it’s always best to turn it off at the wall as well.


    Printers only get used every now and then, so it’s easy to forget they actually use a little bit of power when they’re plugged in. Keep yours switched off at the wall, and make sure it’s only on when you’re using it.


    Consoles can make your energy bills hit a high score – especially if they’re left in standby or rest mode. Switch yours off at the wall when you’re not using it, and if you’re charging controllers, turn your console off as soon as they’re back up to full power.


    Laptops can get through plenty of power when they’re plugged in, and all those hours using them add up over time. Unplug yours when the battery’s fully charged, and make sure you always shut it down instead of just closing the lid.

    Smart Speaker

    Smart speakers are amazing helping hands, but they use almost as much power in standby mode as they do when you’re using them. So, if you’re out the house or just tucked up in bed, it’s always a good idea to turn yours off at the wall.

    Phone Charger

    Most of us like to charge our phones overnight, but that can mean your mobile’s plugged in for far longer than it needs to be. Use your charger during the day, and unplug it as soon as your phone’s back up to 100%.


    Overfilling your kettle can brew up higher energy bills. That’s because your kettle has to work harder to boil more water, so make sure you only fill it with what you need for your morning cuppa.

    Looking for a breakdown of our top tips? Follow these steps to make your home that little bit more efficient every day.

    • Turn devices off instead of leaving them on standby.
    • Charge your gadgets during the day and unplug them as soon as they’re at 100%.
    • Unplug fully-charged laptops and shut them down when you’re not using them.
    • Don’t forget to hit the lights before you leave the room.


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