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    Gifts for the Budding Baker

    Whether the baker in your family is a complete pro, or has jumped on the banana bread bandwagon, it’s so hard to know where to start looking for their perfect gift. Well stick a red nose on us and call us Rudolph, because we’ve whipped up the sweetest treats to give you a steer this year.

    This season's showstopper

    KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM125BFG Stand Mixer with 4.8 Litre Bowl - Matte Grey

    Perfect for the star baker of the family, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the brandy to their Christmas pudding. From the fluffiest cakes to scrumptious scones, this helps create bakes that’ll have Santa wishing he could deliver this one day earlier.

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    Check out its best features...

    4.8 litre capacity

    This large mixing bowl will have no problem helping to whip up a batch of cookies to feed a small village. A gift that keeps on giving, you’ll win from this too, as there’ll be more for you to scoff at the next family get-together.

    4 accessories included

    As well as the bowl, this also comes with a wire whisk, dough hook, and flat beater. And since they all have different roles to play, it’ll have no problem seeing them through the likes of bread and chocolate week.

    Powerful and efficient

    The direct-drive motor whisks with some oomph, smoothing all the lumps and bumps out of the mixture efficiently. So, without using up much energy, they’ll be able to make the puffiest pastries and airy buttercream that’ll be deserving of the Hollywood handshake.

    Here to last

    Built with die-cast metal, this is not designed to just sit pretty on a shelf. This means your future Bake Off winner can pull out their recipe book and practice their masterpieces to their heart’s content.

    More than just a whisk

    Bosch MUM59340GB Stand Mixer with 3.9 Litre Bowl - Silver

    For the bold bakers, this Bosch mixer has so many features to help with a wide range of adventurous creations. By the time next Christmas comes around, you’ll be looking forward to their delicious treats just as much as your main course.

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    Look at what it can do...

    3D PlanetaryMixing

    As the tool moves in 3 directions, the socket moves in another, making sure all the flour and batter around the edges of the bowl are thoroughly blended together. This creates a smooth mixture with very little waste.

    Automatic parking position

    When pouring in the flour and sugar, the automatic parking position makes sure that the whisk is at the back of the bowl, out of the way. So, the front is left free to pop in the ingredients, without them sticking to the tool.

    Lots of accessories

    Thanks to the 13 accessories, there won’t be a bake they won’t be able to master using this machine. With the citrus press and blender, they’ll be able to make a tangy lemon drizzle, while the grater can help create perfect zest for the finishing touch.

    EasyArm Lift

    Changing the tools over is elf-fortless too. They’ll just need to press a button, and the arm will lift up automatically, letting them quickly take the whisk out and pop the dough hook in. This means they can get back to the important stuff - like deciding whether their cookies are going to be cut like Christmas trees or snowflakes.

    The kitchen helper

    Kenwood Prospero+ KHC29.J0SI Stand Mixer with 4.3 Litre Bowl - Silver

    When the weather outside is frightful, this stand mixer will give them a hand to make the most delightful bakes. From fresh bread to oozing cookies, this will have them singing let it dough, let it dough, let it dough.

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    See just how handy it can be...

    1000 Watts of power

    This uses lots of power to make light work of the toughest doughs. Whether they’re baking bread for breakfast, or prepping pizza for tea, they’ll still get the same light and airy results as they would if they’d whisked up a Victoria sponge.

    Chop, slice, grate, and juice

    With the different accessories, they can do a lot more than just mix up some cookies. From whipping up cream to slicing some fruit, they’ll be able to make everything – including all the toppings – with this one machine.

    Different speed settings

    Thanks to the variety of speed settings, they can change up the power of the whisk depending on what they’re making. From delicately beating egg whites for meringues, to mixing pastry for a cherry pie, they’ll be able to blend in the ingredients as slow or as fast as they like.

    Dishwasher safe

    We can all agree that the stacked pots are enough to put anyone off baking. All of its tools can be popped straight in the dishwasher (after the bowl’s been licked of course), meaning there’s more time to be spent tucking into the tasty treats on the sofa.

    A baker's beauty

    Smeg SMF02SVUK Stand Mixer - Silver

    You don’t need a mirror to tell you that this Smeg mixer is the fairest of them all. Stylish and practical, this will look stunning while whisking everything from fresh cream to pancake batter.

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    Not just a pretty face...


    The iconic 50s design is perfect for anyone who prides themselves on the style of their kitchen. But don’t let its appearance fool you, it still has all the power to give ingredients a good beating.

    Extra grip

    This mixer locks the bowl in place, while the rubber feet stop it moving around on the worktop. So, when they get a bit too carried away, all their effort won’t end up splattered over the floor.

    Smooth Start function

    This clever function starts beating everything slowly, so any flour or icing sugar won’t puff out of the bowl. This means that instead of leaving the kitchen with a face as white as a ghost, they’ll be glowing with joy from their tray of bakes.

    Extra attachments

    When they want to switch their apron for a chef hat, Smeg have a load of attachments that can be bought separately. From a 3 piece pasta set to an ice cream maker, this will have you covered for future present ideas too.

    The ideal starter

    Kenwood Prospero+ KHC29.A0SI Stand Mixer with 4.3 Litre Bowl - Silver

    Got a kid that’s just starting to find their passion for patisserie? Or know a friend that’s joined half the nation in taking up baking this year? Well, this is a great mixer to help them find their feet in the kitchen and send them on their way to being the next big baker.

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    Why this one?


    The K-beater tool is designed in a way that’ll scrape around all the edges of the bowl to blend in any sugar and flour that may have clung to the edges. This will make sure the mixture’s free from any lumps and bumps to create amazingly airy sponges.

    Splash guard

    The ultimate gift for anyone who comes out of the kitchen with a face full of flour and buttercream lumps in their hair. The splash guard keeps all the batter in the bowl, so it’s ideal when they’ve got the mixer going full blast.

    Compact design

    Whether it’s away in the cupboard or up on the worktop, its small and compact design won’t take up much room. This means you won’t be adding any unnecessary clutter to their kitchen – and Santa won’t have any problem pulling it down the chimney.

    Non-stick tools

    With non-stick tools, more batter will go into the bake than stay clung to the whisk or bowl. So, there’ll be less waste and washing up will be a piece of cake.